Tuesday, May 12, 2009

stormin' the beaches of Normandy

a history lesson...prepare yourself...so last week when jeni was here, Jason went on a *guys* trip to France. He took a camera, but did not take ONE SINGLE PICTURE!!!! could you believe it???? but one of his buddies took a bunch, so here are a few...this first one is of the Church of St. Mere Eglaise where a soldier got stuck up on the roof during the "longest day" on D-day. That is a manequin. but it's supposed to be the soldier.here are the guys on Utah Beach.
here is Jason at the Sailors Memorial at Utah beachthis is the provisional headquarters of the 81st airborn when they first landed. here is the Normandy Church where the medics set up there camp.and this is the actual blood left from the paratroopers that were taken care of by the medics.and this is Caretan, one of the first major objectives of the first few days after arriving.

hope you enjoyed this presentation of the History Channel....

Jason had a wonderful time on this *guys* trip.....maybe i need a ladies trip.....to Greece??? hhhmmmm, any takers?


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