Friday, February 29, 2008

a layout

it's been a while...sorry. was feeling a bit bloo, but now i'm Great!
here's a new layout. all about me.

i got to talk to Jasy today for an hour and a half!!! (thanks Days) it was great!

tonight i'm going on a *scrappa~dappa* date with Christy and a new friend Jeanette! yeah! that is *chicken soup for my soul* FOR REALS!

heres some new pics of the boys.


Saturday, February 23, 2008

happy birthday

today i dedicate this post to Grandpa! he turns 61 today! He is a great grandpa these boys are soo lucky to have a grandpa who see's them everyday and is such a HUGE part of their life. He always lends a helping hand with activities and helps mommy when she needs a *break* so i can breathe. He has been a wonderful help to this family and helps keep us on track while Jason's away. To you Grandpa....we wish you a wonderful birthday and 61 more great years! We love you

Thursday, February 21, 2008


okay, so call me crazy...Brittney even, but i had a wild hair and i, i did it...what do you think? i saw someone with them while i was driving and it was soooo cute so i went home and busted out the scissors and WHAAMMO! i have BANGS!!! i've never had bangs before, but have always secretly wanted them. i think i like them....change is good, right? they will blend into the curls when i wet them...

here are a few new layouts i did. i did a great one of Jason, but it's up at the store. forgot to take a pic before i submitted it.

today i have a sick kiddo. Colby has *strep throat* and an *ear infection*....oh, joy. you would'nt know it by looking at him because it has'nt slowed him down AT ALL, but it's there and he's on a major anitbiotic 3 times a day for 5 days! i had Jo checked out and he's fine, so far. However, this morning i woke up with a sore throat....uh oh.


Tuesday, February 19, 2008

i'm running awaaay with the circus....

yesterday we took the boys to the Circus! I had'nt been to a circus since i was James age...7. i remember my mom and step dad taking me for my 7th It was down at the Parkway Mall for 1 week. we caught the matinee show on the last day. Not to crowded so it was nice for the kids. They got to go into the ring and do some circus~ey stuff. it was cute. a good way to kill an afternoon on Presidents day. The onlything was there were no *clowns* or *amimals*...i distinctly remember clowns and animals...hhmm

after that we wnt home for an old favorite...*borscht* perfect for a cold day. yuuummmy.

today we are just hanging around the house. cleaning and watching *thomas* and *power rangers* James is off school today too! a teacher inservice or something. so we have a full house! hope your day is going great!


Wednesday, February 13, 2008

best day ever!!!! CHA!!!

HOLY MOLY! what a day! i just got home from CHA!!! WOWSA! i was so excited! i got to see all the new yummy goones that will be available soon!!! My dear friend Erika met me there and we toured the show together! it was great! then i got to meet the fab Elsie Flannigan and Heidi Swapp!!!! they were soooo nice! YEAH! i also got to meet the *BaM PoP* robot!! so cute! then it was off to the *American Crafts* booth!!! oh my, so beautiful! the *spring fling* line is awesome! the people that work at for that company are so nice! they gave E and I some *SwEEt* goodies to take home....OH BOY! i loved every minute of my day! then when i got home i had a package on my doorstep! he loves me!!! what a nice surprise! i love you, lova. happy V-Day

Monday, February 11, 2008

so many valentines, so little time!

so today i took the boys to my LSS to do some valentines for their classes...let me tell you, what a fiasco. we made 33 cute little cards that the boys decorated themselves. i did'nt have my camera, so no pics, but they are cute. i will take a pic later.

oh i am so excited about my first CHA experience! i am meeting my long time pal Erika down in the OC for the festivities! i have seen some sneek peaks and man, i wish we could buy stuff there! it's probably for the best...

here is a cute little video of Squishy playing with his trains... watch his expression and listen whenthe trains fall...priceless.

got to talk to Jasy today!!! yeah! we talked for like and hour! it was great! the boys were all home to say hi too! it was perfect. an early Valentine.

hope you all have a lovey V~Day.


Wednesday, February 6, 2008

i miss him...

he has been gone alittle over 2 weeks and it's rough. i miss him more this time than the last time he was gone...i don't know why. maybe the cold, rainy weather we've been having, or the fact that my husband, my bud, is so far away, riding the seas...i don't know. just felt like talking about it.
love you Jasy
be safe

Sunday, February 3, 2008

rainy days...

hey it's really raining here today. here is a vid from Jo. i love how he says *toot toot* ALL DAY LONG! seriously, he does. i'm sure it will get old soon, but right now it's cute.

more later.

loves to all

Saturday, February 2, 2008

cyd rhymes with awesome!

love this pic even if it's blurry.yesterday we had another play-doh day! this time i got in on the action. Colby wanted a *colby* made from play-doh and of course he had to be blue! so here is *mini colbs* and a cutie little owl. Then i made a cute bird. and Jo smashed it seconds after i took the pic.
today we had our *saturday of sports*! Colby was first with t*ball then James with soccer. Both boys did great today! so after dinner i took them to 31 flavors! it was a nice treat!