Sunday, March 30, 2008

easy like sunday moooorrrnin....

just a normal sunday around here. we did'nt do much today because it was a little chilly and windy. we were going to go swimming but the weather was not great. We had our regular family dinner at the folks house. it was good. i'm glad the boys get to hang with thier grandparents so much! they are a big part of their lives. it's good for them. i grew up around my grandma and i think i turned out great!!! tee hee.

anyhow, i have exciting news!!! i am going to HONG KONG on wednesday!!! wow! how exciting! i will be there for 4 days with Jasy! i can't wait! i will miss the boys, but i need to get away AND it's my birthday on the 6th so i will be with my *lova* on that day! YEAH!! oh boy!

so here are the vids as promised.


Saturday, March 29, 2008

all is legoland

the boys are well and so am I. So yesterday we went to LEGOLAND!!! oh my, the boys were thrilled beyond belief! first off they saw STAR WARS! so excited! then we saw the LEGO family! Jo was a little weirded out. Then he saw LEGO TOOT TOOT!! that made him very happy! he did not want to leave! then we went to mmini LEGO VEGAS! totally cool!
then we went to LAND OF ADVENTURE were Nana {so awesome} stood over 2 hours in line for us to ride the Indiana Jones ride.....uuuummmm, totally lame and not worth it! Sorry Nana...but she did get on the ride!!! then we went to some other rides and had ice cream, played and it was generally a good time! we have to go back when it's not Spring Break! totally crowded!

i will upload a few vids from the day on another post, this is already too long!

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

happy wednesday

the sickness finally got Jamser....poor guy. look at the boys all around him while he just's like 3 in the afternoon. He's all feverish.. :( i hope he feels better.

Sunday, March 23, 2008


we missed you, today!
we went to church. James was great! then they had another egg hunt. Jonah realized that there were goodies in the eggs so he participated in this one! then we went off in search of an *easter bunny* no avail, but they had left up all the beautiful springtime decorations, so....{in true palmer fashion} we set up shop and did a photo shoot! the pics came out great! some of the best!!! then it was a bridge to we went to Nana and Grampa's for a wonderful ham brunch! yuummmy! Thanks Nana for preparing all the yumminess! then they boys went to the pool with Grumps! and i fell asleep on the couch reading people then the boys came home and we relaxed and played. it was a great day. only thing missing was you. hope your day was great too! we love you.


Saturday, March 22, 2008

more fun

here is a recap of the day!
so we went to the church picnic. it was great! not to many kids so EVERYONE had fun! and was able to get eggs! When it was time to get the eggs Jo sat down in the middle of all the eggs and watched the others go for it. he just sat there, and looked at the eggs... Colby was a stud! he got alot of eggs and so did James! then it was off to the bubble table! where Colby, instead of using the wands, used his hands! i guess he figured he could do it better! Jo just watched. i think he was still a little sick.
James made bracelets and went in the bouncy and played with the play-doh. He was the oldest one there...poor monk. after the egg hunt Nana and Grandpa took Jo home for nappers, i stayed with the boys for more good times~ Colby did the bouncy and i got him to make a bracelet.then James WON the sack race! Christy took these nice pics of us!
after the picnic we went to Nana and Grumps for egg dying! Thanks Nana for boiling 2 dozen eggs!
after the egg dying, Grumps took James and Colby for a swim! Thanks Grumps for all you do for the Palmer Jr. family


easter festivities begin...early

today we are going to our church sponsered easter egg hunt and BBQ! it starts at 11:00. then we will come home and dye eggs. James is singing in church tomorrow! then we will have another egg hunt. lots of bunny fun! i'm so mad that i've been sick and i have'nt gotten the boys a pic with the easter bunny. man, hopefully today there will be a bunny aroung for some photo ops!
more later...


Friday, March 21, 2008

better and worse

the boys are almost at 100%! me on the other hand, feel like sh*t! now i know how Jo felt. uuuuhhhhh, misery.
Last night we took the boys to the park for dinner and play time! the days are getting longer and the boys are not tired. so i have to wear them out somehow. the first video had Jo riding along, but i accidentally eraced it!!! bummer. i tried to reinact it but he was not having it. so here are James and Colby on the tire swing.
what cuties.

right now the boys are out in the back on the bouncey pool! it's quite warm today and they are on *spring break* tons of watery fun! Jo is napping. i should nap too. maybe i'll feel better.

here are the boys after bathtime. and James being a knuckle head!