Friday, May 1, 2009

feliz cumpleanos!!!

today is Jamsers birthday! the big *9*!!! holy crow! it's amazing how fast time flies. when we return to the states he will be 11. amazing...

he's doing great! school is coming along and he just finished taking the Tera Nova test (standardized testing) for school. He is a great big brother! Jonah loves him! Colby and James are still working on their realationship....sharing LEGOS is a BIG DEAL!!!!

We just had a small family gathering at the house and the neighborhood kids came over to help James open his presents. He was so happy! he got just what he wanted!!

Jeni helped make a lego cake! he was soooo excited! here are Jeni and James feeding eachother cake!!! it ended with cake all over them and then Colby and Jonah wanted to do it you can imagine, the hijinks ensued...and we cooked his favorite meal! chicken enchilada casorole! it was a nice night!

Last week he did a performace for Feria!! here is the video of his *Sevillana* dance. enjoy! He did awesome! He remembered all his steps and he had the best *ole* of all! he's so cool! the only boy and he was so confident. what an awesome kiddo!

happy birthday, sweet James. we love you.


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