Monday, June 29, 2009

back to the land of the living! ~ huge update!

whooo! we have survived another move!!!! we love our new house on base! lots of room and lots of kiddos!! here are few pics of the new digs! we painted each room a different color and the backyard is big and over looks the ocean!!! we have a lovely breeze and can smell the's heaven! and so convienient!
this is our front room {with boxes} now there is a flatscreen above the fireplace on the green wall, eventhough you can't see the's there, behind the boxes. dining roomthe kitchen {duh} it's kinda small....backyard...can you see the ocean?????more backyard the outdoor playroomthe back patiohere are the boys rooms...this is James' he has a loftbed in there and a deskand Colby's, he has a white trundel bed and a deskand Jonah's! he has a small loft bed in his, but in ths pic the paint is'nt finished... but his favorite color is Orangie! and we let them pic the colors! hey! why not?here on base they have a great pool! we are there almost everyday! if not for swim lessons, for fun! Colby is a super swimmer! he is the ONLY 4 year old that is allowed to go down the slide or jump off the diving board!!!! check out this pic! it cracks me up! he's so little compaired to all the teenagers! but he loves it and they all cheer him on! {he's at the end of the line}
sad news, we have our first broken bone....Mr Jamsers! he got his hand smashed in the car door!!!! the day after school got out and he has to wear a cast the whole summer!!!! what a BUMMER!!! But, the cool thing is, it's a waterproof cast!!! imagine that! so it's not to bad. He has a boxers fracture, on his right hand.never a straight face! Bubs playing b-ball out back with Daddy
and Jo Jo, too. We also inherited a cat! She kind of started hanging around us at our old house in Puerto, and Jason did'nt have the heart to leave her there so we adopted her. The boys are doing good with her and Jonah and I's allergies are doing great! The night before we moved out she brought us a mouse...all chewed up and disgusting! but Jason said it was a plea not to leave her behind. so we just had to take her. The boys decided to name her *lightning Jack* {don't ask}, but mostly she just goes by *kitty*.



erika said...

I was coming on to give you sh!t for not updating...great photos, teh house looks great.

miss you

Christy's Closet said...

I've become a blog stalker for you and I agree with Erika--we waited too long for an update! Get on it girl! Its not like you're busy or anything.... ;) I love, LOVE the new house. Tell James we hope he heals quickly--poor guy! I'm so surprised that its your first broken bone. With your crazy guys, that's amazing! Love all the pics! Miss you all! Post again soon.