Sunday, July 29, 2007

summer time rolls...

Tomorrow marks the last 2 weeks of summer vacation and my boot camp. I am looking forward to getting off the *summer roller coaster*. What a whirl-wind 2 months it's been. We have been busy everyday with something or other. Looking forward to the slow pace of fall....and my lova to come home! just got word today thst he will be coming home a week earlier that last expected! yeah! i miss you, sug. <3 Next week the boys and I are doing Vacation Bible School at the SCUMC! I am volunteering as a leader. should be fun. Then Jamser starts theatre camp for 1 week then it's back to school! We have to go school shopping sometime next week, for both boys! here is are a few pics of the boys at the pool.Colby and Jonah found a ladybug pool and they had a great time harassing it! look at Squishiee's face in this pic! classic, like don't put that thing near me!
here is a pic of the big knuckle head! i really need to do a photo shoot of just James...he'd love that. and i need some nice new pics of him.

Friday, July 27, 2007

Happy birthday, baby 3...

look who's one!!! he made it! it's been quite a year for Jonah! aaawwweee, he' was so little. Now look at him in his 35 pound glory! I'm amazed he survives Colby's wrath.but we made it! for better or worse. He's so funny. We had a little family cake for Big Squish tonight after dinner. Again he would not touch it. I've never met a 1 year old afraid of cake! especially my one year old! I had to smoosh his hand in it and only then did he finally eat some. silly.his brothers did'nt hesitate to dive into the cake!i had to take about 30 pics before i got him to smile! he is so serious! earlier in the day we went to see *The Simpsons Movie* real funny! i enjoyed it. Jamser LOVED it! Colby's fave part is when Bart rides his scooter through town *nakey boy*. that's all we heard about all day! the boys were good! they are so much better at the movies now! it's almost pleasant! :) not much else to report...have soccer in the morn and probably swim after that! oh, the summer days....loves

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

mud brothers...

so, as we were watering the plants tonight, Colby and Jonah decided to dig in the mud!!! It was like *Lord of the Flies* Colby was smearing mud on himself like war paint and he even smeared some on Jonah. Then proceeded to pour handfuls of dirt in ihs hair....oh my the tub was disgusting. But they had a good time. and thats all that matters.look at those *baby blues*
A hummingbird came to visit.
just some sweet kisses to pass on to Daddy you will be thrilled to know that I organized my *scrap* space!!! looks nice, huh? someone is dying to see *the simpsons movie*!maybe this weekend....Went to the Santee YMCA today(everyday)! Our friends came to play! sharing grapes...adorablewe had fun! Colby sure can swim now~ he's underwater and holding his breathe and doing strokes!!! weeks ago i didn't think he would ever get in the water he goes down the slide and wow! swimmin lessons are paying off and he's having a wonderful summer! AND!!!! we have had NO poo-poo accidents! He's telling me now!!! YEAH for Colby! this is from class this morning. what a different kid!

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Birthday Central

Well, our babies are now 1 year older! The party was a hit! we had about 50 people total(including adults). It was just wonderful! the kids had a blast and the parents got to relax and talk. *perfect* The day started with 2 soccer games then we got the cake, balloons, made the food and went to Playtown.
the boys
the cakes
i made Jonah his very own b-day cake but he did'nt even touch it...except to smear the *ah* off his name.
the funi asked Colby how old he was and he said "i'm FREE!" and here is how he showed me.
Here they are about to blow out their candles. as you can see, Jonah went right for the flame and burned his little finger...i think it scarred him for life because he would not even touch the cake. how sad. poor baby. Colby was thrilled! He did great!

Jonah finally did eat some cake....under the table, on the floor!!! I don't understand it! He would NOT touch the cake at the table, but on the floor, he was all over it! he's weird. So we put the cake on the floor. i felt bad. i felt like he was hiding. He did get scared when the kids sang *happy birthday* , but all kids do the first time. i think it was just a traumatic day. He was fine once we got home.

we did all the presents at home. Gosh, i asked people not to bring presents. Did anyone listen??? NO! we have sooo many new toys! golly! look at this!
the aftermath...

Ater that we had dinner. Came home had showers and went to bed! wow! what a day! Here is Colbs in his new *spidey* pj's. soo cute! he even posed, with no promting! how funny!

Saturday, July 21, 2007


i promise to leave a long post tomorrow....such a *LONG* day and i am exhausted. i have many, many bday pics and stories.

Friday, July 20, 2007

happy birthday, baby...

Wow~! three years have gone by...where did they go? It has been such a wonderful ride! My little Colby~Cake is growing up. This year we moved to a new house and welcomed a new baby brother. Colby started pre~school and mastered(well, almost) potty training. I have been so lucky to look in to his beautiful eyes everyday and see the world! it's been a blast and i can't wait for more! Happy Birthday, baby!
I let him choose his breakfast...a rainbow sprinkled doughnut! yum....i'm surprised it was'nt marshmallows (that's usually what he asks for).

Thursday, July 19, 2007

poor sad. what a bummer! He can't go on the *tiger cruise* with Jason. He was all set, bought tickets to Hawaii for himself and Randy. The story behind the cruise is that when the Carrier is on it's way home they stop in Hawaii to pick up friends and family(no spouses.totally not fair) to ride the final leg home with the sailors! It's such a fun time and a great opportunity. Grumps has really been looking forward to cruising home with the *Big Man* ever since he found out about it! he is devastated.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

all better

we are back in action! all is well in the *P* household, for now....more post later.

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Today I taught my first ever scrapbooking class *Pretty as a Prima* at my little SBS. I think it went well! Had 2 more people show up than I had kits prepared, so I was slicing and dicing paper and embelies! The ladies were so nice and patient with me. So it made it that much easier and I made more $$. Nothing wrong with that! I am now cutting 10 more kits for the next class wich will be next week. never thought i could teach, but it was fun! i think i'll do it again. I will be teaching an *embelish it* class in the Fall! woo hoo!

this is the finished product. a cute little box that holds the mini album! to bad it was'nt for a boy, huh?