Wednesday, December 26, 2007

another xmas down!

cant believe this family pic! everyone looks so happy and were all looking at the camera and smiling! can't tell you how many times i tried to get a good fam pic for our christmas cards with no avail. then on chrisatams morn, on a quickie whim, i got it. amazing. i love this pic. i might just send another round of new years! all the preparation for a few minutes of joy! (not really) but it seems like it! the boys woke before the *ass crack of dawn* and proceeded to the living room where i heard a loud squeel and an *OH MY GOODNESS, GO GET MOM AND DAD!* then thud thud thud and our door swings open and the boys jump in our bed!! *SANTA WAS HERE, SANTA WAS HERE!*....and so it began, the frenzy of wrapping paper and *oooo's and ahhhhs*. it was a wonderful sight. i do love christmas. i got a new set of pots and pans...Rachel Ray style! cute! love the orange handels!!! got big J a camel-pak for hiking and also one for lil J so they can hike together. Colby was thrilled to get Sharkboy and Lavagirl toys...he loves them! For JoSquish it was a Thomas the Train Christmas...he loves trains!!! *choo choo* thats all he says, all day! it's quite cute.and the MOST coveted gift of the season....yes, we got one!!! the day before thanksgving we just got lucky at *toysrus* seriously! we lucked out! it's almost impossible to get one around these parts!

then it was off the grandparents for more christmas love! we had a great dinner! beef wellington, yuuummmm!

hope you had a merry merry!


Sunday, December 23, 2007

merry christmas

saw this on elsies blog! so cute! had to try it! this one is for my friend!

merry merry

Thursday, December 20, 2007

5 days...

HOLY! how did it get to be 5 days before Christmas!!!?!?!? wow! time sure does fly.

Well i'll update..
Last weekend we attempted our first *family hiking trip* with all the kiddos walking...well. we got about a mile or so out before all hell broke loose! I ended up carrying Colby and Jason carried Jonah, then Jason carried both. You can see Jo's blonde hair in the sun! and Colby on his shoulders. aahhh, our family. next time will be better.

i did manage to snap a pic of us before the melt downs.We also went to Santee Lakes for some snow fun! since it never snows in Southern Cali we have to bring fake snow in. but the kiddos had a blast! Jason took Colby sleding and the boys got to meet Santa. Jonah *HATES* with the power of a thousand suns, Santa.
then we went on a barge ride around the Lake.

Jonah, of course hated it too. he does'nt like much these days

So to all my readers.... Merry Christmas and warm wishes from my family to yours.


Tuesday, December 11, 2007

sea reald(world)

so, yesterday we went to Sea World. First off it was FREE!!!!(military) and a Monday so it was completely *UN* crowded! wow, maybe 100 people total! we saw everything we wanted and Jo got to walk freely all over. he was in heaven! first we saw the Christmas tree lot in the front of the park. the boys ran through the maze of trees. cute then it was off to the dolphin encounter...which also was free! i've never been that close to them and been able to feed and touch them. that was cool! Colby was so excited! then we went to the bat-ray encounter. Colby and Jo touched them they liked it!then it was off to the sea stars. it looks all nice... right? well right after this pic, our dear son chucked that poor sea star across the pond...i was mortified. thankfully no one else saw the event go down. we quickly exited the sea star area...tee heehere is colby in a time out after the incident...then we went to to Cirque de le Mer aquarium to see the fishies. then we had a nice lunch i packed and we saw a few more attractions and the best...Shampoo(shamu). Colby has the best vocabulary. i just love to hear what he comes up all in all it was a nice day. the boys were good and the weather pleasant. no crowds and free all around. i even brought lunch. a success! Merry Christmas from San Diego!

Saturday, December 8, 2007

just a quickie...

today has been eventful! first we went to the*Kids Christmas Party* for the Nimitz. loads of fun! the boys bounced, played video games, had lunch, bounced some more then saw Santa and Mrs. Claus. here is the pic... Jo was not happy! they handed out presents to all the kids! how nice. Colby finally got to get his face painted. what a this was fun though. Now the boys are at the church for a *parents night out*. gotta love that! to bad J's away... it would have been nice to have a night out with my Lova. it's raining like crazy! wow! we're on day 3 of the rain. i love it! and we needed it! after all those fires.

Last night i went to our dear friends house for a Hanukkah dinner! YUM YUMMY! we had latkes and lentil soup and salad. nice light dinner! and great company...missed you lovie.

so now that i have a night free...what shall i do? i'm off to a Christmas Party with my exersise friends...hope it's not lame. I have to get the kids at 8. just a quick hello.


Thursday, December 6, 2007

happy holidays

just a *warm fuzzy* for the holidays! i'm in the spirit! sorry it's alittle blurry. still cute! not to much today.
happy thursday!

Wednesday, December 5, 2007


i am here. been sooo busy. and with Jason home it's tough to spend time blogging when we can be together...know what i mean?
anyhow, he left again for 11 days...bummer. right before Christmas...bunk i tell you! But we did get to celebrate the big 33 for him before he left!!! it was nice. the rents came over and brought yummy delicious chocolate cake! just a fam thing.

i made this card for him. i like how it turned out. the chipboard was creamy colored so i just inked it with marker. me likey.

on Saturday we went on a *friends and family* cruise on the US Nimitz. we brought along our dearest friends. Jeni and Ariel. and the big Jamser! he was finally tall enough this year! he was great~! we had a blast! We saw the fighter jets do some touch and goes and some cool maneuvers! the rumble that those planes make is indescribable! it takes your breath away. seriously. James and i got silly and had our faces painted!

Sunday we went up to Julian. it's famous for it's apple pie! we had pie and hot cider and got to bundle up because it was COLD! no snow, but definitely chilly!
i love it!
we also decorated for christmas, got the tree all up and i made this cutie garland from the cosmo cricket holiday chipboard ornaments. i really likey!

thats alot! i will try to post daily again. sorry for the lapse.