Thursday, May 28, 2009

we are back!

we had a nice time in Madrid! we had tapas and the boys played! it was awesome! Margerita has an amazing home that she so gracefully allowed us to stay in!! it was great! we went to Retiro Park and Palacio de Real .

as promised, here are a few videos from Colby and Jonah at Feria...

as you can see, Jonah was not having the costume or the dancing. His teacher said he started crying as soon as they changed his clothes. so there was no dancing for Jonah, until Colby got up to dance and after i changed his clothes back into his shorts. he is very stubborn.

But Colby did amazing! look at his sweet little face. He did good! and his big finish....aaawwee. He was all dressed in his outfit ready to go and as soon as he got up on stage, he pulled his shirt out, so he looks alittle slobby....but he still did great!

we were going to Italy next week, bnut now plans have changed. The place we were going to stay called and cancelled our reservation due to tree service in the area and it's to dangerous for us to be in the cabin. lame. and the childrens center is also closed! THAT WAS THE SELLING POINT OF THIS TRIP! the kids get to go to a kids camp while the parents go on tours of the italian countryside and know they could of told us this months ago, beforewe booked the room. not A WEEK BEFORE we are supposed to be there. ugh.

so now we are staying home and preparing for the move on base. we will paint the new house and go through the old stuff and purge the junk! moving is good for somethings....

well, we are off to school!


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