Friday, April 24, 2009

with the clicking clack of high heel shoes...

hello all!

the weather is beautiful here in Southern Spain and we are awaiting a very special guest!!!!she arrives on Tuesday!!!! i am sooo excited i could pee! it's going to be awesome!like i said, the weather is warming up and Feria starts this week! it's the Flamenco Festivals! they are all over this region! we are sure to hit up some of the festivities!!

the boys are starting baseball this week and some pics are soon to follow! here is a pic of Colby coming home from practice, with his head out the window of the BMW. he cacks me up!so we went to Isla Magica last weekend and here is a recap in some photos! first....has anyone seen an albino peacock??? amazing! i mean the colored ones are amazing but this snow white one is so beautiful! wow! it was just hanging out! how cool.

this is a huge sculpture in the entryway! they all climbed in! here are the boys on some rides!
they love the *saltar de rana* wich translates into *the frogg hopper* and the dragon cruise. it's a nice place. the kids enjoy it! here are James and Jo on the bumper cars! and Daddy and Colbs on the llama ride!


Saturday, April 18, 2009

videos, oh my!


i promised a couple more vids so here they are!

this is Colbs at his basketball awards pizza party! look at his face! he is oh so happy with himself!!! it's so sweet!

here is one of the boys on Easter morning going through their baskets!

yeah! it's off to the NEX for legos!!! woo hoo!

yesterday we went to Isla Magica i will post a vid and some pics later! it really takes a long time to upload videos.


Saturday, April 11, 2009

happy easter!!!

from the palmers! ha ha ! we had an *Easter Eggstravaganza*! on base yesterday!!! it was a good time! the boys had egg hunts and bouncy's galore! it was fun! here are a few videos!
this is Jonah at the hunt.
he was cute. then Colbs at his. Here is a pic of Jamers at his. They were at the same time, across the field from eachother. I took the vid then ran over to James just as it was ending....but i did snap a pic.
look at Mr. JP.... he's so handsome and grown up! he insisted on wearing his brown cordoroy blazer to the festivities...he was the best dressed there! what a little GQ model! that's my boy! Last night we had some friends over for a *Bunny BBQ* it was nice! lots of kiddos, of all ages so all the boys had a blast!
today will be a family thing! we will dye eggs and do a little hunt here at the house! maybe ride our bikes to the beach....


Thursday, April 9, 2009

a birthday recap and a video or 3

Hello all! and happy birthday, toddy!!!

well, i had a nice birthday! thanks for all the well wishes! on Sunday we got a cake from Baskin Robbins and had a little family bday! I made cali rolls!!! yummm.Jason had to work on Monday so we had it on Sunday. Here is what my boys got for me! yeah!

Monday our friends, The Epperlys came over and surprised me witha yummy pink strawberry cake! how sweet! it's beautiful !!!she is 9 months pregnant and was due yesterday! i can't believe she baked me a cake! awesome!

COLBY HAS LEARNED TO RIDE A BIKE!!!! {with training wheels} but it's a start! he was struggeling a bit with the whole peddeling thing but now he's got it! yeah! here is a pic and a video.Also, we got a little pool for the yard! here is a sweet cheeks pic! ha ha! it looks like they are having a full on conversation!!! how funny!

here is Jamesers after a long overdue haircut!!! he looks supa cute! he sure is growing up! i can't believe he's going to be 9 in less than a month!!! wowsers! more later...


Saturday, April 4, 2009

from the far side of the ocean....


long time no post! i have to thank Jason, once again! he is an awesome blogger and hubby! i'm so lucky!

Well, as some of you know my bday is monday!! woo hoo! 33....ugh.

but, when i got to the mailbox this morning i was happily surprised to find not 1 but 2 BIRTHDAY BOXES!!!! one from by dear BFC, thank you soooo much!!! oh my goodness! you are soo thoughtful and amazing! i love all the scrappy stuff and the owlies!!! AAHHHH i totally love it! thank you. i owe you, BIG TIME! Colby says thank you for the Spidey stuff and he loved the pic Maddie drew for him. aweee so sweet. i will make you a shirt!

the pother was from my lovely inlaws!!! i have'nt opened them yet because i want to wait until Monday so i have something to open on that day. but thanks soooo much. it's nice to know people care...i'm loved.

Today we had 2 basketball games and tonight we are going to some friends for a BBQ, since it does'nt get dark here until 930pm, (seriously) we will have a late night, but it will be fun!

here is a video from the bball game, for your viewing pleasure!

more later, thanks for all my lovely packages!