Thursday, May 21, 2009

the travelers...

hey! this weekend we are off on another whirlwind adventure!!! to Madrid!!!! woo hoo! to visit our friend Margerita and her 3 boys!!! it should be a nice visit. then in 2 weeks we are off to Italy!!!! wow! for 7 days! then when we get home we are......moving!
what a busy month we have coming.

we have been offered a house on base and i think we are going to take it. it fits better with our family to live on base. Just the amount of kiddos playing around the neighborhood, at all times, is the selling point for us. not to mention that i make at least 4 trips to the base's much more convienient, for ALL of us! We are going to be moving nextdoor to one of Colby's good friends from school and the family has an older boy for James to play with and a little girl Jonah's age! so it's perfect.

i will update with lots 'o pics from Madrid and Italy! promise.
tomorrow Colby and Jonah are performing a dance at school for Feria! i will put up some pics and a video!


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