Tuesday, December 23, 2008

merry christmas

hey all!
today is our christmas eve!!! Jason has to work in the ER on Christmas so we are doing it all a day early. The kids are thrilled! we told them that Santa comes early beacuse we are in Spain. of couse they thought that was cool.

we have some visitors! our first here in Spain! we are glad they are here. the boys are so happy to have them here. Jason and i are chopped liver...

On Saturday we took the family and a caravan of friends to Arcos to see *the Living Nativity*
and here is the *baby Jesus*...it was a mad house! to say the least. people were pushing and it was so crowded!! Arcos is small as it is, the streets were so packed!!!! it was an experience. i do'nt know if we need to go back next year, unless Jason is dying to see it. but....it was something.
more later!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

charlie brown christmas

hey all!!
we got our christmas tree this week, and needless to say, the trees here in Europe are a little different than those in the states...totally reminds me of charlie brown christmas...it's cute...right? we realized that when we went out to the shed to get our christmas decorations that we had not sent them in the pack out!!!!! i was sad, but it gave me an excuse to craft!!! YEAH!!! (like i need one) so on a limited amount of supplies, here is what i came up!!!

i made the stockings and hats, and glittered pine cones, i made the garland and my wonderful inlaws sent the boingy santa hanging on th wall! i also bought a couple of nick-knacks at the base and out in town! it's good. it will do for our first christmas here. here are a few more things i made. first i made this cute tree. wich Jonah loved because it spins around! i saw it here and Saturday was our anniversary so i made Jason this little card...guess what he gave us for our anniversary??? OH MY GOSH!!!! we are going to PARIS FOR NEW YEARS!!!!! wow! i am the luckiest girl!!! he is wonderful...

***christy email me if you want me to pick you up anything....

that night we went to the hospital chrismas party and danced and ate and drank...it was nice.

James had another football game and here are a few pics

it was FREEZING!!!! jason is wearing my scarf.
and here Jason is playing toss with Jonah!!! wow!!! look at how high he is!then on sunday we went to the exchange and as we pulled up, so did Santa!!! we watched him pull in on the firetruck! and we were first in line to get our photo with the man in red!


Tuesday, December 9, 2008

dear blog....it's been soooo long

yes, i am blogging..... wow! i know!
my class just ended and have been super busy with the holidays and making christmas cards. remind me next year to stick with the photo cards....not that i don't LOVE to create cards, but wow, 50+ hand made cards is tough.
i have also been stitching....lookie loo!!!i'm so i love with it!!! i drew it on my jeans and just stitched it!!! the reason i decided to do it on my jeans is because after we took pics on Penny, i slid off and my pant leg got caught on the broken antenna!!! i got a bad cut and a hole in my pants!!! but i made it beautiful!!! here is the before...we went to Malaga (2 1/2) hours away to take the boys to the science museum!!! it was definetly worth trip!!! the boys loved it! we had the place to ourselves and there were three different interactive rooms and a planetarium!!!! totally cool!!! all for 2 euro a piece!!! wow.after the museum we took the boys to the mall because they had a Mc Donalds and it had been a long time since they had had Mc Donalds! they were stoked!!! out in the mall they had a christmas village set up with horse rides through the village! it was cute. so of course we did it!
AND happy birthday to my sweet Jasiona!!! aaawwweee.... how cute are my boys!
its begining to look alot like christmas around here!!! here we are at the tree lighting ceremony last friday!!! The boys got to ride the Polar Express!! Jonah was soooo excited. we almost could'nt get him off the train.
after that was a kid party at the hospital and the boys had a blast. arts and crafts and santa!!!
Jo was so good with Santa this year.
here they are making cookies then with Santa. James left right before Santa came, he had his first football game!!!! he's really liking it! he's never played football before, but he's doing good.
yes, that is Jonah hugging Santa!!!!colby made the tree ornament!!!and mommy kissing santa claus!!!

merry merry