Sunday, October 11, 2009 coners of my mind....

ahhhh, Malaga. We are here for the long weekend, reliving our time here 7 years ago. It's as beautiful as it was then. We got a 3 bedroom condo with a jucuzzi on the roof!!!! how amazing is that! The boys have been loving it!!! Today we went to the wild animal park in Estepona then took the boys to Mc Donalds {as a treat}then went to the Nerja caves, the older boys loved it, Jonah on the other hand was tired and was ready to go home. But not before i had James snap this pic of us. Jason and i have the exact same pic of us in the same spot 7 years ago!!! minus the kiddos, but they wanted to be in the pic!aslo, this little boyhas reached another milestone. Our little man, the hope of hopes has lost his first tooth. It really made our hearts flutter. Here's our little guy, entering the big leagues. Things like this make you stop and think. He's snaggle tooth, like lots of kids, but he's not baby any more. Tell me this doesn't make you think about time passing. I love the bubba, and We're all sad that he's aging so quick. Oh the bubba! it happened on the drive back home from the caves. He had been flicking it with his tounge all day! aawweee.
Here is another Colby's room. Lego Knights in battle! i love how his armor shines! just got to finish the rocker pirate dude!

more later, i have tooth faery duties.


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