Tuesday, August 18, 2009

...is anybody out there?

hi everyone....sorry i have been so out of touch lately. We are gearing up for a trip to Prague on the 24th and school starts the day after we return.
here is a little recap of the last few weeks!
So, we went to Amsterdam, there is Jonah next to the *a*here is James in front of a statue of Anne Frank, in front of her house. The line was unbelievable so we did'nt get a chance to go in.beautiful canals...Shelby our babysitter from San Diego came for a visit and she stayed for almost a month. It was nice having her here. Jason and i took off on a nice weekend getaway to Mallorca. We spent 3 days there. It was nice to just hangout on the beach together doing....nothing! we read and ate and relaxed. One day we went into the city to site see, like in the cathedral in Palma, Gaudi re did the altar. it was cooland as we walked throught the city we came across a mansion that you could tour. this was outside in the entryway.....peculiar and interesting.but mostly we just hung on the beach. I never realized how tiring it is to be LAZY! wow. we were exhausted.
We also celebrated 2 birthdays in the month of July!!!! look at how cute they are! We had it at the housing pool and it was great!the grand finale was a balloon fight!
and James got his cast off!!! her was alittle scared when the tech came at him with the buzz saw! But it healed fine.

soccer starts next week and James is auditioning for the childrens theatre production of *the Prince and the Pea* we'll see!


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