Sunday, October 25, 2009

We have been busy here at the Palmer household! sorry. i am a terrrible bolgger....On Friday it was the Navy's 234th birthday and we celebrated by going to the Navy Ball!!!! {our first} :) I orderd an amazing 1930's vintage champaigne gown from a website called me tell you, it was a DISASTER!!!! I orderd the dress a month ago...i got one email from the woman that it was mailed out. 2 days before ball, the woman emails me to tell me the dress is NO LONGER AVAILABLE!!! after she said she mailed the dress!!!! can you believe it??? 2 days before the ball....ugh. i was pissed! TO SAY THE LEAST! but i made do with dress that i already is the result.....i still went with the 1930's theme...i did my hair by doing pin curls all over and then added feather clips...I did a brown/gold smokey eye for makeup with a pale lip. then for extra spice, i put on some awesome falsies!!! oh i love makeup!

we started decorating for halloween! ooohhhh i love halloween!!!
our halloween black kitty! and the grim reaper!!! this thig is awesome!
here are our costumes, as of late....they may change ......the mummyanikin skywalkergeorge monkey....and the piece de resistance....ELF!!!!
yes, Jason agreed to be ELF, from the movie ELF!!! i love it! i am going to be a faery. surprise, surprise.

more soon.


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Christy's Closet said...

I LOVE the costumes! And Cyd, you looked HOT at the ball. I loved your vintage look--makeup was gorgeous! Miss you lots! Are you still coming to SD for Christmas?