Saturday, June 6, 2009

an ode to summer by Jason

We'll its getting into summer here in Spain and we're already starting to spend every day at the pool. Colby is getting brown and Cyd's pink sunburn is becoming a fixture. James is as white as ever, and I often have to wear my sunglasses when i'm with him at the pool. Colby has been going off the diving board and they have a nice waterslide. He's the only one under the age of 6 that is allowed to go, i'm quite proud.

We're looking forward to a summer of fun, sun, and trying to keep the boys from killing eachother. Our next big evolution is the move back on base to the fishbowl. I think it's going to be a good thing and i know that he boys are going to love being able to walk out the front door and play with other kids. It might be nice to not have to entertain them for a while. Our next big trip isn't until Germany in August, but we're in the works for trying to see if we'll go to holland or Italy for the fourth of July. because our Itakly trip next week has been canceled... Stay tuned. last weekend we went to Madrid. here are few pics from the trip. We went to Retiro Park and decided to take a paddle boat around the Park. It was the best thing we did the whole trip! the boys loved it and so did we . Each boy got to row the boat and then Cyd and i switched kids mid stream! it was halarious! we had the best time!
Miss you all and we'll try to post some more stuff soon.

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