Tuesday, June 24, 2008

summer!!! YEAH!.....very long post

wow! it's summer! holy moly! the big boys are in day camp, and lovin' it! Jonah is gearing up to start pre-school in late July!! what will i do with myself?

so a little recap of the weeks past...
when Jason came home we had our traditional jaunt to Vegas for a little reconnection...it was great! we did it last time he came home from deployment and it was so nice to just spend some *alone time* with my long lost hubby! we saw Todd and Craig, went to Jeni's sisters wedding...and got to spend some time with my mom! she took us to her favorite place to hike. Red Rock. it was so hot! i was *NOT that into it* but i powered through and in the end i was happy i did it and got to see my mommy. It was beautiful out here. i will admit. Afterward, we went for some celebratory SUSHI at the best place ever! Sushi on Rainbow. seriously, if you are in the Las Vegas area, look it up. amazing!
after Vegas it was home to the boys, who were eagerly waiting for Daddy! we have been having a blast with the boys! it's amazing how the stress level in the house has diminished since Jasy's been home. it's so pleasant! We've been swimming. alot! it's been quite hot the past few days!
On Sunday we went to the new *childrens museum* downtown. it was really cool! they boys had so much fun! Colby painted a vw beetle! James, Dad and Jo rode these wooden scooters called *legways* it was awesome!
they also have this cool room set up with tons of mattresses and pillows so the kids just have a huge pillow fight!!! so fun! there is a *port a party*, a rock climbing wall with amazing art murals, the under water experience
and a dress up area!

good times!



Friday, June 20, 2008

coming up for air!

boy, have we been busy! since Jason has been home it has been non-stop! we are preparing for our move and organizing our hosehold goods and clothes, getting passports in order for all of us. Calling movers and figuing out who is going to rent our house while we're gone and how we are going to ship our car there. CrAzY!!!!

sorry i have been neglecting my blog...i will try to post regularly again, soon.

right now i am off to an *end of the school year* picnic for Jamser!


Wednesday, June 4, 2008

look who i found!!!!

they are home! all is well in our world!
more later!