Thursday, August 30, 2007

oy, yoy yoy!

WOW! 5 days without a post! so sorry everyone! i was in Vegas for 2 out of the 5 and then trying to get back into the swing of things with the kiddos! I am still trying to recover from sin city...what happens in vegas....right?

well, we arrived in Vegas around 9:30 in the morning then it was off to brunch with Jeni's mom at the Cheesecke Factory... ooohhh, yum. while in Vegas, Jeni and I rented a car...a cutie little yellow convertable!!! here we are driving down the road! even though it was a million degrees we had the top down! this is us at the *bridal shower* Jeni's mom threw for her. it was a lot of fun! it was at the vegas decor. loved it! The other girl in the pic is Todd's sister Sharon. a long time friend!Jeni's mom did this cute little story about Jeni going on the honeymoon, and she was blindfolded and everytime she would do a new thiing on the honey moon, her mom would put on a new item of is what she looked like at the end of the story. so funny! way to go Elsa!

after the party we went to Todd and Craigs house for a little Fondu party! i love fondu, do you? it was my first time and so fun! Todd went all out, we had 3 different kinds, meat, bread and cheese and of course, CHOCOLATE! sooo good! The best part was just getting to see my old friends! i really do miss them. We picked up right where we left off last time we were all together a year ago! like not a day has passed. that is true friendship! we have all evolved together. i love that.

the 3 muska~tools! together again... then the next day it was off to the salon for a day of beauty with celeb stylist Todd! totally! he is the greatest! look what he did to my hair! it's amazing! i want to take him home with me! this style (in case you were wondering) is called *Pussycat Dolls*. because he has an exclusive contract with the *Dolls* when they are in Vegas and this is thier signature style! HeLLo!!! i love it! thanks toddy. your the best!

i also got to see my mommy! It's always great to see her. She was recovering from surgery. She is doing good though, got to see her new place. cute! did'nt take any pics though, to busy visiting. love you mom!

Saturday, August 25, 2007

girls night out...amongst other things...

goodbye summer.
wow! It has been a long time since i have posted... alot has been going on. First, summer is officially over and school has started with a bang! James loves his new teacher and is doing great! Colby starts school next week and has graduated to the 3 year old class!

we also had our last soccer games of the season today. Both James and Colby had games today. James had his party right after the game and Colby will have a party on Thursday. Coincidentaly, open house is the same day. what a busy family.
fall is slowly approaching... i love fall. all the beautiful colors and the sweaters!!! i love to get dressed in the fall. the cool, crisp weather...i can't wait. this tree reminds me of fall.
Last night i went out for a *pre* bachelorette party with Jeni, Meg, Mallory and two of their friends Heidi and Christy! We had a great time! First we hit *bondi* in the gaslamp for apps and a few cocktails. I had the *best *lychee Martini* YUM YUM!, then went to *lime* then to *the Bitter End*
jeni and I *modeling* hee hee! my best *come hither*. Jason...come hither....
dancing at the club!

it was nice to go out with the girls! wish Meg and Mal lived closer...they are fun girlies!

Monday it is it off to Vegas for more bridal festivities!!! woo hoo! and to see my mommy and Todd, one of my BFF's and fanciest hair dresser of all! we affectionately refer to him as the *hair whisperer* I am so *READY* for a change! i will let him work his magic!

the countdown has begun!!! only 28 days until my lova comes home!!! i am so excited!!! some nice changes have come to fruition and i can't wait to share with my lova!

here are a few new pics of the boys...

and....a new *scrappa* pageloves

Sunday, August 19, 2007

first padre game!

Today we went to see the Padres play at Petco Park! It was my first game as well as Jonah's! We had a wonderful time and had awesome seats in the shade!!! We got sandwiches form the deli, packed a backpack full of snackies, boarded the Trolley and headed downtown! What an experience! the kids did great too! no meltdowns and they found friends! (imagine that)! I would love to go again. Gramps got us the tickets from a client of his. We met some people on the elevator that invited us to the VIP area and we were given hats and a game ball! the boys loved that!on the Trolley after the game we went to the Trolley stop and they have a *dancing water fountain* were the the kids can play so the boys were all over it!!! so that made for a very wet ride home. but we made it. and had a great time!
Also, on Friday it was EXPO time!!! The *scrapper dapper* expo was in town and my dear friend Christy and I have been planning out the festivities since last year!!! We had a full day of scrapping and shopping and we had a real live fancy dinner in the gaslamp at a cool Mediterranean bistro. so fun! we were there from 8:00am until 12:00am!!! in the day we had 4 workshops and then did a little expo shopping then returned to crop all night long! loved it! i got some new pages done...wanna see?

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

pure bedlam...

i honestly don't know how Colby will survive...Yesterday we had a new installment of the *injury saga*!at least this one didn't(barely) warrant a trip to the ER. He manages to get hurt, and i mean seriously, more that anyone i know.

Yesterday the boys, James, Colby, Jonah and Christian were outside playing. The older boys were teasing Colby so he was chasing them and he *face-planted* right on his nose on the brick!!! YEEOOZZA! he stood up and blood gushed! Of course James panicked, but was great in an emergency! he should be an EMT or an ER doc. Anyway, we finally got the bleeding to stop, i assessed the nose and didn't feel a break, so we just watched it at home. This pic doesn't do it justice. The area around his eye is swollen and a beautiful shade of brown/purple and there are a few cuts to go along with it. He's a tough little sh*t. no complaints and he says it doesn't hurt. what a guy.

on a happier note, Jameser started 2nd grade today! what a big kid! I can't believe we have a 2nd grader. holy moly! He says he likes his teacher ALOT and had a great first day! I'm so glad. She's a nice lady. Skinny as a rail, but still sweet! ;)~

just a smiling (walking) Jo Squish!

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

first steps...

Guess who took his first steps today?!?!?!? JO SQUISH!!! i wish i could figure out how to upload video clips cuz i got it on film!!! WOW so cute!

heres what happened... i was sitting on the couch and Jonah was in the kitchen standing by the bench and called to me in his cute little way, *mim* so i looked over and he was standing in the doorway with the biggest grin on his face! then took 3 of the sweetest, wobbliest little steps then fell down on his bum! I got teary! and jumped up and said *Jo-Jo you took your first steps! YEAH!!!, now can you do it again so i can film it?* so i grabbed my camera and set him back up in the same spot and , low and behold, he did it again!!! so awesome! he's just barely one...aahhh, our little are a few blurry in action shots of his first steps.

Monday, August 13, 2007

halloween already???

So, *TARGET*, my favorite place on the planet, has already put out some halloween stuff! mostly for baby. Now, i *love* Halloween! so this makes me happy!look at the cutest boys ever! these are not thier official costumes but they wanted to try them on and I could not resist...could you?

Colby looks alittle weird, but still a cute pic
does this mean summer is over?

Sunday, August 12, 2007

party time!

So, we went to 2 birthday parties yesterday!!! wow! one was down at Mission Bay and the other was in Glendale! we did'nt get home until 11:30 last night! The first party was for one of James friends and the other was my oldest friend Erika's son Oli! he turned one! so cute!
the boys at the bay

oli's number one!
pinata!waiting his turn Erika and I figured out we have known eachother almost 20 years!!!! HOLY! I can't believe that that much time has passed...i still feel 13. how sad that we're getting old but glorious that we are still in eachothers lives after all theses years...i must make a SB page about it! Speaking of SB pages...I have been told that i do'nt post enough SB pages on my blog, so here are a few new ones... (for Erika) most are about Jo because i was trying to finish his first year book.

scraplift off of Elsie...alittle different
these two are Jamie Waters scrapliftsfor my SBS design team layoutjust one of me and Jeni