Friday, September 28, 2007


Sorry i have been on a *love high* for a few days! just getting reaquainted with my love. and He with the boys. lotsa a family time. oh, i am so thrilled that he is home. i feel at peace.silly, i know. but it feels great to be a family again. *:) i love him so

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

bad...bad blogger....

hi. i am hanging my head in shame. i have not been good. I have neglected my blog...sorry.

been busy trying to get the house in order before Mr. P comes home! ooooh sooo excited! 5 more days.....yipppee!

i have a lot to update...

Sunday early we went to the park for some energy burning. the boys found a jumpie and it was on! no pics of that, but did a photo shoot.

then at 1:00 we went to the concert. the boys had the best time! they were singing and dancing and got to go up on stage to sing! Jo squish was dancing! adorable! (sorry it's blurry, jo danced right off the chair at that moment)
Yes! even i got up to be silly! and Jamser with Red Grammer.
Sunday night we had *family dinner* here. yum. we sat outside on the patio and it was beautiful. the perfect time of day for picture taking...look at how great Nana and Gramps look!

the Squish discovered one of my fave food parings...french fries and vanilla ice cream! i know, gag me, but don't knock it til you try it!

and look at my budding photographer.. he took this

that was sunday...Moday i took Colbs and Jo to the *halloween store* they had so much fun! and I managed to get out of there only spending $10.00 for 2 light up squishy balls and a pair of blue Elvis shades. Colby insisted.

willy wonka, willy wonka!Last night it was so cold! so we all bundeled up in our warm jammies!
look at my big boys...this was on our way to school this morning. so BIG! i can't believe it. loves

Saturday, September 15, 2007

What a day!


i had the best day ever! I spent the morning with the boys, then went to LA to see Erika. We went to dinner here. the food was phenomenal. We got to talk and reminise about old times and catch up~without kiddos running around! so nice. then went to Scrapbook Oasis to scrap it up with none other than the FAB~tastic Jamie Waters! we had front row seats!!! hee hee. what a cutie~ sweet and cool! i really enjoyed meeting her! she brought her oldest daughter, Kira and she helped do prizes. and took this pic of us! it was great! would love to do that again! I'm going to try to get her to come to my LSS in San Diego!!! that would rawk!

now i am home. back to the boys! we are having a good morning so far...the usual mayhem. later on today we are going to a *kid concert* at the chuch! It's FREE and the kids will have a great time! no brainer! will post pics of the boys rockin' out!
so i will leave you with this...


Friday, September 14, 2007

oh, i guess i should post!

Hey, sorry. been a little busy...10 days!!!! HOLY MOLY! i can't believe it! i am so excited i could pee! Yes, you guessed it! Jason is coming home!!!! my lova! The boys are so excited too! it's gonna be great! check out this great new feature...

last night i went o a *Rosh Hashanah* dinner with Ariel and Jeni at Faj Mahal! it was a nice time.

during the day i took the little ones to the mall to play and have lunch. Colby wanted to try on some Halloween costumes...he loves the costumes! and Halloween. could he be any cuter?little *ratatouille* oh i love Halloween! i really want o dress up this year! maybe i can convince Jason...hmmm, what will we be? i want to be something fun! maybe have Halloween Party! that would be awesome!

So in about 15 minutes i will be heading out to LA to scrap with Erika and Jamie Waters!!! yeah! so fun! will post when i get back! with new pics!


Monday, September 10, 2007

girl crush...

i totally have a *girl crush* on Maggs (maggie gyllenhaal, oh, and her brother is a dream...) look at how awesome she looks after just having a her! she is the new *it* girl for Agent Provocateur just wanted to post and give her props!

Sunday, September 9, 2007

swimming with the promised

look at me! two posts in one day!

Hey, we did it! i have been threatening for some time and today we finally went to the aquarium. it was fun! The squish loved the *fishes* and walked ALOT! he was so proud of himself! it was great. Colby and James had a good time too! we had'nt been there since May and they had some new exibits. i like the aquarium and it was a *gorgeous* SoCal day! this is what we pay for! Speaking of SoCal, when Daddy gets home we have to go to this!!! we did it last year and the boys loved it, (me too). maybe we will make a weekend out of it and get a hotel, maybe see the fireworks (finally...) what do you think Jacy?
we are gearing up for your safe return. look at everyone last night. Jo-Jo was so cute! he kept pointing to the TV and saying *da-da* and smiling! it was sweet. we are so ready to see you!
tonight we are heading here for dinner. yum. the kids like it and i do enjoy thier tasty burgers!


sunday is fun day?

so we had the *class kickoff* at my LSS . here is the new class i'm teaching. 2 6x12 canvas' that we bring to life with *yummy* papers and thickers from *american crafts* (one of my fave co.)and beautiful pics! i hope i get a good turn out. i love it! and i love the idea of dispalying my work on the walls! it's such a shame that we always put them in an album, and never really look at them again. i can't wait to hang it up in the house!
these are not the pics i used. I did use B&W and one each of the boys and one of Jason and I. i just forgot to get a pic befor i turned it in.
Not sure what we will do today...still early. maybe today the aquarium. we'll see. the boys always like it there. Colby has been asking to go here. that is alittle ambitious...don't ya think? maybe when Daddy comes home! whatever we do i will post about it later. promise.

Friday, September 7, 2007

happy friday...

sorry i haven't posted...not much to report this week. schools in and the boys are busy with that. we did go to swim practice on tuesday and thursday. today, just ran errands. starting to decorate for *fall*, my fave time of year. just love the smells and colors!!! especially the colors. the *fall* palette is definitely ME! oh, i did give Jo~Squish a bang trim. he was starting to look like a mop dog. (drew a blank with the dog type). even just a trim and he looks older. we went to the park on Wenesday night because it finally cooled down!!! the weather is back to normal. 70-80 degrees and breezy! i love it. Mr. Jo was all over the place! he was crawling up the slide and all over the jungle gym. he's one of the boys! it's cute to watch him interact with the older boys. he's funny we went to park today to for while before naptime. they just wanted to swing. now look at the boys...pooped! how funny that they fell asleep on the rug.

i am so excited about this ! she a celeb in the scrappy world. on the 14th i'm on my way to LA to scrappa with Erika! yeah! new bootcamp starts monday... only 17 days!!! gotta work it out!


Monday, September 3, 2007

labor day....of HOTNESS!!

today was the *hottest* day in history! just look at my car thermometer...that is the *outside* temp! SHUT THE FRONT DOOR!!!! it is painful.

that was at 11:59am. crRaZY! they said on the news to go to *cool zones* so i took the kids to the mall. seemed like everyone else had the same idea. it was so packed in the mall that the air con. did'nt work and it was, not only hot, but stinky and moist from all the bodies. misery... we went to see *UNDERDOG*. it was ok. should of rented it but it got us out of the house and in a *cool zone* yeah right!

Yesterday we went to Lil' Jonah's birthday party! he turned one! so cute! It was nice to spend some time with the Zinns and Arens. they are the nicest bunch! We got the Jo's together and got to meet Mal's new baby, Logan. so cute! and tiny.

Jo and Jo having a drink and chillin by the keg!

Jonah and Colby having a cake fight! so cute!

James and Kyle having some pool action! Kyle is HUGE!!! he's only 5 and as big as!

OH, almost forgot about Jo's *keg~stand*
he was all over the keg for most of the party! like father, like son!

only 20 days...!!!!! oh my gosh! i can;t wait!!! Jasy, COME HOME!