Saturday, May 31, 2008


a scrappy post coming soon!

Jason comes home in 3 days!!!!! wwoooo hoooo! HOLY! James is with him for the tiger cruise and they are having a blast! yea!!! i can't wait! we are on major house cleaning patrol! so not to much going on. Here are a few pics of the crazies! the first one is from Todd's b-day bash in Vegas! then at Jeanette's memorial day BBQ, Colby in the bathtub, and water balloons, Jonah at Sea World and the boys at Chuckie Cheese with our friends the Weidermans


Thursday, May 29, 2008

escape artist...

suppose he's ready for a real bed?

Thursday, May 22, 2008

another scrappy post...

Hey!! forund this site where you can try out digital scrapping! here is my first didgi page! you can access it here
it's basic, but i like it. i think... i still prefer the cutting and pasting. this is to clicky. i don't think i'm a fan...yet. but it was cool.
here is a new *real* layout i did

and a card for my mom. it's her birthday on monday!
here are a few new pics of the boys running through the sprinklers! too cute!

then we had art class! only 11 days until Jason comes home!!!! i'm so excited i could pee!


Saturday, May 17, 2008

good news!

i was asked by the store to teach my mobile class!!! they said that since i took it in yesterday, they had half a dozen people asking if it was a class!!! wahoo! it will probably be in July! i'm so excited! so if your in the San Diego/El Cajon area please come!! i'd love it!

in other{not so good} news...we have a sick kiddo. Colby is not well. He did'nt even want to go to James soccer party at the boardwalk!!! he loves that place. So we took him anyway, thinking that he would be fine once he was there { come on, i'm not the only one who's done it!} ....and as soon as we walked into the party room...he threw up all over the place. geez, i felt terrible! he was so helpless. i felt so bad. so, needless to say, we left... he threw up in the car on the way home and again once we got home. now he's sleeping. He also missed his soccer party at Chuckie Cheese. poor guy. Grandpa and Nana were so nice to go get his trophy for him. thanks guys.

more later...

Friday, May 16, 2008

new projects! {scrappy post}

i was totally inspired by Rachel (from RV) She made this wonderful chandelier out of Hambly transparencies (i know, amazing) so i was inspired to do one myself. Of course every *lift* starts out the with the same idea, but never turns out the same. So here is my take. i added pictures and embellies! i didn't use Hambly, i used an acrylic 12x12 sheet. Thanks for the inspo Rachel!

And did this layout *lift* from the super talented Michelle Clement! again, it started the same, but in the end it's different! i really love both of my projects!
the journaling is a song from the Juno soundtrack. love that song! i ALSO tried a new thing! i put some pigment in a spray bottle with water and sprayed my page...oh my! look at this! i love how it came out! i think i might do this on all my pages!
It's really starting to get HOT!!! so we set up the bouncy pool!!

that's all for now!


Saturday, May 10, 2008

M I A! {long post}

Yes, i have been *missing in action* lately, but for very good reason....Jason came home for a surprise visit!!! YEAH! he came home the day after NSD and just left yesterday... :{ but this time it will only be 3 weeks until he returns, FOR GOOD!!! then it's off to another beautiful ESPANA~ yes, it is official, our next duty station is Rota, Spain!!!! HOLY MOLY! i am soooo excited! we will be there for 3 years and i can't wait! so if anyone out there reading this is from there, or Spain in general, i'd love to hear all about it!

Anyway, back to the post...So, Jason surprised the boys at the park!!! {thanks Nana and Grumps for all the help} here are a few pics! It was James birthday, so it was a special surprise! they were so thrilled to have Daddy home! We celebrated James birthday that night. it was great! The next day we went to sea world! it was so nice! not crowded AT ALL! seriously, the best time to go to Sea World is in the middle of the week, in the morning, early afternoon. it was great! we got there had lunch {we brought fron home}, then saw a bunch of exhibits and then just before they were REALLY beat, and before a meltdown occurred, we left! perfect! everyone was happy! the next few days were just the family getting re~acquainted. it was so wonderful. i can't wait until he is home with us. i think the best part of the visit was watching him with the boys. he is such a great dad, and they sure do love him. It was especially good with Jonah! we were a little worried about how he'd react, but it was like they had never been apart! so wonderful! i love you, Lova.

Now my layout and cards from NSD! this is a layout for my LSS, all Tinkering Ink love the colors! fit so perfect with those pics from Easter!this card is a lift from the awesomely talented Dani Flanders. love her cards! she rocks!this is a thank you card for some dear friends! who should be receiving it in the mail any day now! tee hee!and this one was for James! with a cute coupon i made for a fishing trip with dad. he loved it!

yes people! that's all i got done. i know i am as slow as molasses...but the outcome is always nice. it's the journey....right?

OH!!! and thanks to my wonderful, dear, sweet, so TALENTED, amazing best friend Erika for driving down here to spend NSD with me! i love you, E.

i think that covers everything.


Friday, May 2, 2008


a whole day devoted to this awesome hobby!!! i *love* it! i will be at my LSS for the festivities! they have an amazing day planned! prizes, food, games, make~n~ takes and so much more!! if you live in the San Diego area you should so check it out! it's gonna be *RAD*! I will be doing a make~n~take and spending the whole day {sans kiddos} with my scrappy girly friends!!! YEAH! My good friend Erika is actually driving down to San Diego to spend the day with me. a miracle in itself! { just kidding, E. you know i love you!} i am so excited!! and my wonderful friend Christy {bfc} who is sooo talented and on the DT with me at yellowbird will be scrapping the day away with us! so much FUN!

what are your palns for National Scrapbook Day?!? what ever it is create something amazing! all the cool kids are doing it! and so am i.


Thursday, May 1, 2008

almost there...push!

this is the only pic i have of him as a baby scanned into my computer...i gotta get on that! in exactly 1 hour and 13 minutes, 8 years ago today, Jameser came into this world, kickin' and screamin' at 6:28 pm! wow, has he grown up. *lilttle froogy* we used to call him because he was all legs and arms! now he's still all legs and arms! skinny as can be! he has such an amazing heart and a great personality. he is someone special and we all love him.