Saturday, May 9, 2009

there's no crying in baseball!

today was *Opening Day* of the season for baseball! we have 2 boys playing ball this year! Jonah is very sad that he cannot play yet. He got all dressed in the batting gear and tried to walk out on the field. poor guy.we had to stop him. he was not happy about that.
here is our New York Yankee! Mr. Bubb, he looks great in the uniform and he's so excited! look at him hit that ball! GO BUBBS!here is good ol' Jamsers! He's a New York Met! woo hoo! he's showing some real promise this year! practices are going well!
we had a wonderful time with Jeni!! we got some real quality girl time! we went to a bodega for a sherry tour and to Sevilla and to Ronda! it was amazing. she's the best house guest! she even cleaned!!! we love Aunt Jeni! i miss her already! on Saturday Jason was storming the beaches of Normandy on a guys trip so Jeni and i got brave and took the boys to Gibralter!!! it was a good time! we were not attacked, well, atleast they did'nt steal our food this time! Colby was still a little aprehensive...he stayed in the van. i love his expression.with the hand pressed up to the glass...then on the way down, the monkey jumped in the window! we got a little nervous, but it was ok.then we went to the tunnels and to St. Micheals Cave.the boys are on a cannon in front of the tunnels.

it was soooo super windy, James almost blew away!we had a great time. the boys were really good.

tonight we have a baby sitter and we are going to Sushi!!! yummmmm.


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