Thursday, May 28, 2009

we are back!

we had a nice time in Madrid! we had tapas and the boys played! it was awesome! Margerita has an amazing home that she so gracefully allowed us to stay in!! it was great! we went to Retiro Park and Palacio de Real .

as promised, here are a few videos from Colby and Jonah at Feria...

as you can see, Jonah was not having the costume or the dancing. His teacher said he started crying as soon as they changed his clothes. so there was no dancing for Jonah, until Colby got up to dance and after i changed his clothes back into his shorts. he is very stubborn.

But Colby did amazing! look at his sweet little face. He did good! and his big finish....aaawwee. He was all dressed in his outfit ready to go and as soon as he got up on stage, he pulled his shirt out, so he looks alittle slobby....but he still did great!

we were going to Italy next week, bnut now plans have changed. The place we were going to stay called and cancelled our reservation due to tree service in the area and it's to dangerous for us to be in the cabin. lame. and the childrens center is also closed! THAT WAS THE SELLING POINT OF THIS TRIP! the kids get to go to a kids camp while the parents go on tours of the italian countryside and know they could of told us this months ago, beforewe booked the room. not A WEEK BEFORE we are supposed to be there. ugh.

so now we are staying home and preparing for the move on base. we will paint the new house and go through the old stuff and purge the junk! moving is good for somethings....

well, we are off to school!


Thursday, May 21, 2009


is all i have to say...

the travelers...

hey! this weekend we are off on another whirlwind adventure!!! to Madrid!!!! woo hoo! to visit our friend Margerita and her 3 boys!!! it should be a nice visit. then in 2 weeks we are off to Italy!!!! wow! for 7 days! then when we get home we are......moving!
what a busy month we have coming.

we have been offered a house on base and i think we are going to take it. it fits better with our family to live on base. Just the amount of kiddos playing around the neighborhood, at all times, is the selling point for us. not to mention that i make at least 4 trips to the base's much more convienient, for ALL of us! We are going to be moving nextdoor to one of Colby's good friends from school and the family has an older boy for James to play with and a little girl Jonah's age! so it's perfect.

i will update with lots 'o pics from Madrid and Italy! promise.
tomorrow Colby and Jonah are performing a dance at school for Feria! i will put up some pics and a video!


Tuesday, May 12, 2009

stormin' the beaches of Normandy

a history lesson...prepare last week when jeni was here, Jason went on a *guys* trip to France. He took a camera, but did not take ONE SINGLE PICTURE!!!! could you believe it???? but one of his buddies took a bunch, so here are a few...this first one is of the Church of St. Mere Eglaise where a soldier got stuck up on the roof during the "longest day" on D-day. That is a manequin. but it's supposed to be the are the guys on Utah Beach.
here is Jason at the Sailors Memorial at Utah beachthis is the provisional headquarters of the 81st airborn when they first landed. here is the Normandy Church where the medics set up there camp.and this is the actual blood left from the paratroopers that were taken care of by the medics.and this is Caretan, one of the first major objectives of the first few days after arriving.

hope you enjoyed this presentation of the History Channel....

Jason had a wonderful time on this *guys* trip.....maybe i need a ladies Greece??? hhhmmmm, any takers?


Sunday, May 10, 2009

happy mothers day

to all the mommies out there.

especially ours.

we love you so much and miss you. thanks for all you do for us and how amazingly you love us, through it all.

thank you.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

there's no crying in baseball!

today was *Opening Day* of the season for baseball! we have 2 boys playing ball this year! Jonah is very sad that he cannot play yet. He got all dressed in the batting gear and tried to walk out on the field. poor guy.we had to stop him. he was not happy about that.
here is our New York Yankee! Mr. Bubb, he looks great in the uniform and he's so excited! look at him hit that ball! GO BUBBS!here is good ol' Jamsers! He's a New York Met! woo hoo! he's showing some real promise this year! practices are going well!
we had a wonderful time with Jeni!! we got some real quality girl time! we went to a bodega for a sherry tour and to Sevilla and to Ronda! it was amazing. she's the best house guest! she even cleaned!!! we love Aunt Jeni! i miss her already! on Saturday Jason was storming the beaches of Normandy on a guys trip so Jeni and i got brave and took the boys to Gibralter!!! it was a good time! we were not attacked, well, atleast they did'nt steal our food this time! Colby was still a little aprehensive...he stayed in the van. i love his expression.with the hand pressed up to the glass...then on the way down, the monkey jumped in the window! we got a little nervous, but it was ok.then we went to the tunnels and to St. Micheals Cave.the boys are on a cannon in front of the tunnels.

it was soooo super windy, James almost blew away!we had a great time. the boys were really good.

tonight we have a baby sitter and we are going to Sushi!!! yummmmm.


Friday, May 1, 2009

feliz cumpleanos!!!

today is Jamsers birthday! the big *9*!!! holy crow! it's amazing how fast time flies. when we return to the states he will be 11. amazing...

he's doing great! school is coming along and he just finished taking the Tera Nova test (standardized testing) for school. He is a great big brother! Jonah loves him! Colby and James are still working on their realationship....sharing LEGOS is a BIG DEAL!!!!

We just had a small family gathering at the house and the neighborhood kids came over to help James open his presents. He was so happy! he got just what he wanted!!

Jeni helped make a lego cake! he was soooo excited! here are Jeni and James feeding eachother cake!!! it ended with cake all over them and then Colby and Jonah wanted to do it you can imagine, the hijinks ensued...and we cooked his favorite meal! chicken enchilada casorole! it was a nice night!

Last week he did a performace for Feria!! here is the video of his *Sevillana* dance. enjoy! He did awesome! He remembered all his steps and he had the best *ole* of all! he's so cool! the only boy and he was so confident. what an awesome kiddo!

happy birthday, sweet James. we love you.