Thursday, July 23, 2009

okay, maybe not tomorrow.....


so we drove for about 2 hours through the german and holland was beautiful. We made it to our hotel around 930pm and it was a total flashback from the 70's! it was awesome and the veiw from our room was amazing! it was so fancy! so we headed downstairs for some dinner {Colbs brought his lego loot} since it was still light outside at 10pm!and Colby discovered an age old fave of the Netherlanders.......Fries and mayo! holy moly! he is in love! and as the sun was setting we setteled into our beds for another day!the next morning we awoke to ducks quacking outside our balcony! so of course the boys had to go down to feed them!
after the duck feeding we went to a little seaside town. it was beautiful and quaint, right on the water.
all the houses looked like are the boys at a gift shop. in the big ole clogs!

then we went to a cheese and clog factory!!!! it was neat to see how it's all done. the smells....were interesting...Colby did'nt like it AT ALL! this guy totally looked like Dwight Shrute from * the office* total beet farmer in his clogs! here he is holding his nose!!! HA! HAA! with Jason and I behind the silly people!
next we were off to the this time the boys were tired {jason included}. so here are the only pics from that trip. look at the two grumps! wow...those faces!after we got some food and rested we found a park. check this out!TO BE CONTINUED....
Amsterdam :)

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Christy said...

Can't wait to hear more of your adventures! Love and miss you all!