Friday, December 4, 2009

ho ho ho!

holy moly! it's already christmas! wow i need to get my cards out!

we have returned safe from our easten med vacation! wow! cruising is awesome! 6 countries in 12 days!!!!! awesome. this was Jason's sanctuary....the spa! he was here everyday.....nice.
this will be a picture heavy we are at the Pyrimids! Yes, i am was.....interesting there..... the boys got to ride on a camel!!! Colby was terrified! so he did'nt ride it. he got right down after the picture! but James had a great time. He ended up riding with his friend Ethan.

here are Jason and Jonah on the steps of the Acropolis in Athens!!!!
Jonah and I making a wish in the Trevi FountianJo being crazy in the PantheonDad and Jo at the Coloseum Here is the Arch de Triomph in Barcelona. not to offend anyone, but...i think its prettier than the one in France... ;)The boys on the roof of the Mila House. Gaudi's dreamy was beautifuli will tell you all about the trip in person! way to much to write! we will be in SD in a week!! i can hardly wait! and to spend some quality time in Vegas con mi madre and amigos! i am ready to come home for a bit. I love Europe,'s time to come home for the holidays!

can't wait to see all of you.


Friday, October 30, 2009


so we went to the first of our Halloween shindigs last night! it was the hospital party! We all dressed up and i was incharge of the face painting booth and making the signs. i made this one and Jason and James made this one!it was a blast! here are a few pics...Colbs in all his mummy makeup with *Buddy* the Elf {aka Jason} Jonah as George Monkey, that lasted all of 10 minutes and James with the *nerd herd* all ghoulish skeletons then me as the wood sprite!
you all know i take a million pics...and i had to take pics of my makeup! i did gold shimmer all over my face and a rust eye. with fancy feather lashes!!! love it! then i made my head piece! it came out cool.

hope you all have a bootastic halloween!

i wanna see pics!!!


Sunday, October 25, 2009

We have been busy here at the Palmer household! sorry. i am a terrrible bolgger....On Friday it was the Navy's 234th birthday and we celebrated by going to the Navy Ball!!!! {our first} :) I orderd an amazing 1930's vintage champaigne gown from a website called me tell you, it was a DISASTER!!!! I orderd the dress a month ago...i got one email from the woman that it was mailed out. 2 days before ball, the woman emails me to tell me the dress is NO LONGER AVAILABLE!!! after she said she mailed the dress!!!! can you believe it??? 2 days before the ball....ugh. i was pissed! TO SAY THE LEAST! but i made do with dress that i already is the result.....i still went with the 1930's theme...i did my hair by doing pin curls all over and then added feather clips...I did a brown/gold smokey eye for makeup with a pale lip. then for extra spice, i put on some awesome falsies!!! oh i love makeup!

we started decorating for halloween! ooohhhh i love halloween!!!
our halloween black kitty! and the grim reaper!!! this thig is awesome!
here are our costumes, as of late....they may change ......the mummyanikin skywalkergeorge monkey....and the piece de resistance....ELF!!!!
yes, Jason agreed to be ELF, from the movie ELF!!! i love it! i am going to be a faery. surprise, surprise.

more soon.


Sunday, October 11, 2009 coners of my mind....

ahhhh, Malaga. We are here for the long weekend, reliving our time here 7 years ago. It's as beautiful as it was then. We got a 3 bedroom condo with a jucuzzi on the roof!!!! how amazing is that! The boys have been loving it!!! Today we went to the wild animal park in Estepona then took the boys to Mc Donalds {as a treat}then went to the Nerja caves, the older boys loved it, Jonah on the other hand was tired and was ready to go home. But not before i had James snap this pic of us. Jason and i have the exact same pic of us in the same spot 7 years ago!!! minus the kiddos, but they wanted to be in the pic!aslo, this little boyhas reached another milestone. Our little man, the hope of hopes has lost his first tooth. It really made our hearts flutter. Here's our little guy, entering the big leagues. Things like this make you stop and think. He's snaggle tooth, like lots of kids, but he's not baby any more. Tell me this doesn't make you think about time passing. I love the bubba, and We're all sad that he's aging so quick. Oh the bubba! it happened on the drive back home from the caves. He had been flicking it with his tounge all day! aawweee.
Here is another Colby's room. Lego Knights in battle! i love how his armor shines! just got to finish the rocker pirate dude!

more later, i have tooth faery duties.


Wednesday, September 23, 2009

day to day....


things have been going along here. Soccer starts this week and the boys are still loving Karate. We are anxiously awaiting Halloween! (it's my fave)... I'm not sure of our costumes yet, but i'm sure they will be cool!

I painted a new mural in James' room....i know it was supposed to be the Simpsons, but we decided that lego star wars was cooler!

here are a few pics of us at the park and in the backyard for some trampoline shennanighans!!!