Friday, June 29, 2007

the fair

Today we went to the Del Mar Fair! This years theme was *Salute our Heroes*. The military didn't get in free or with a discount! What a salute...

first things first. We saw the livestock. oh joy! the smell is putrid. But Colby did manage to find the *batman* goat! he was thrilled!!!
personally, this one was my fave! he just looked like a German wrestler named Fritz with black socks! loved it! even Jo-Squish got his *goat* on! He was ok until the goat knocked him over, then he looked scared, but all was fine again after he sat up! Anyway we still had a good time. James had a field trip with the summer program and they went to the fair too! So we met up with his group as they were leaving and he stayed the rest of the time with us! We took the boys on rides and Colby won a Shrek Baby! he was so excited! James won a fish but had to leave it with his leader when they went back to school because 2 other boys put their fish in his tank...don't ask, very confusing and what a fiasco it caused! aahhhh, summer fun at the fair...

....One thing the fair is good for is this...
the *Australian Battered Potatoes*....we wait all year for these bad boys! OH MY! i was very good though, only ate one and let the boys eat the rest. what will power! cuz they were goooooood. ;)

After we ate we rode the Sky tram across the fair and went on a few ridesColby was able to ride a bunch of rides this year. But he looked so serious! I don't know if he was terrified or just tired.

James did a buch of *spinning* rides, you know the kind that maked you hurl your Aussie Chips! He sure loves those rides, though! so serious he did get to do the slide this time and he really enjoyed it! we finally got home around 5:00 pm after leaving the house around 10:00 am. What a *LONG* day! i'm beat and sunkissed! i love summer...


Wednesday, June 27, 2007

summertime and the living is...sleepy

i am tired. Man, summer has me beat already! I don't know what it is, but i am exhausted. I need a day or 3 to recuperate. These boys tire me out.

took them to get updated pics professionaly. too cute. Can't believe Colbys going to be 3 and Jonah, 1. wow! look at my babies....all growed up. At the studio your not allowed to take your own pics but i could'nt resist, just look at them. *A*D*O*R*A*B*L*E* i snuck it when she was'nt sneeky.
James is doing well in his swim class! he looks good! Maybe he'll play water polo. he really likes to swim.we are now on a *hunt* for the *Silver Surfer* is *SO* hard to find. we missed it at Burger King and now thats all he wants. This boy had one at the park got alittle hairy there for a minute right after this pic was taken but i promised i'd find him one...he was not happy with the outcome, and the little boy was very rude about it (so was his mother) geez! he's just a little boy...

cant forget some sweet Jo action...loves

Monday, June 25, 2007

hello summer, goodbye friends...

it is the first official day of summer around the Palmer house! The boys and I rang it in in style! We went to Oceanside to visit for the last time, hopefully not forever...some dear friends Cormac, Jen, Fiona and Ian, who are moving to Japan!!! how exciting for them! I brought the bouncy pool and the kids(including Cormac) had a blast! yes, that's Cormac! look at Colby! he's catching some serious air!

to bad Jamser looks so mad, his eyes are *CrAzY*
how *adorable* are these kiddos!?

James had his first swimming class of summer. It went great! They tested them at the beginning of class and moved him to the top of the class for skills! He's doing really good on his strokes and has a beautiful back stroke. I'll get some pics tomorrow.

i'm beat. goodnight


Sunday, June 24, 2007


just came home from Admiral Bakers Field for the Nimitz Party. There were'nt very many people there, so we had lunch and then went to the water slide/pool area! Boy was that alot of fun!
James passed the swim test this year so he was able to go on the slide!!! He had a blast! Colby and Jonah found friends fast and played great in the shallow end. Nana even let the legs out to get some sun! Grumps played with the boys and I of course took pictures~
nice shot of Jonah catching some rays...he loved being nakey boy!

yes, i actually got in a bathing suit and got in the water! It was nice. they gave every family a video game! James was really excited. we actually had a day with no melt downs or time outs! it's getting better!

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Argentina meets Texas....

today Jeni and Ariel had an engagement party. Both Jeni and Ariels family did BBQ. One Texan and one Argentinian. Both *delicious* !!!! one had homemade *secret sauce* BBQ sauce and the other homemade chimichurri....ooohhh myyyyy! It was a flavor explosion! Wow who knew BBQ could be so good....mmmm, mmmm

the most wonderful part of this whole thing is that Jeni is my *BFF* and Ariel is Jason's *BFF* and they were the maid of honor and best man in our wedding. I LOVE IT! they are absolutely perfect together! As soon as Jason introduced me to Ariel I immediately thought of Jeni.

i love this girl...i'm so glad she's happy! and HERE!

so in to see her in her beautiful, can't post a's a secret.

we all missed you Jacy. Everyone asked about you and sends thier well wishes and love.


Friday, June 22, 2007

school's *OUT* for summer...!

today was the last day of school! HOORAY!! let he summer fun begin! We have swimming, tumbeling, acting and much, much more planned for the Palmer boys! never a moments rest! I made a *summer wheel o' FUN* the boys get to spin the wheel to decide our activity for the day! James had a *last hoorah* picnic at the park today with his 1st grade class! Lots of fun! they had relay races and soccer and BBQ and hoola hoop contests!...i don't remember having that when i was a kid.
Frankenstein has left the building... The staples are officially out!!! Colby was so brave! He had his *spiderman* pillow to help him along. aaawwweee. sooo good, he is.So *HOT* today. the boys played in their little orange pool after the picnic. nothing like naked water is so easy when your a kid! Colby and Jonah sure do look alike now..
this face *cracks* me up...he's splashing and is so happy!

so now james is off to another end of the year pool party! until 9:00pm! wow. he's a second grader.... loves