Monday, November 8, 2010

how will we fit it all in?

We have been busy! as usual. Jason and I just returned from a quick little trip to Vienna and Budapest! Thanks to Grumps coming to take care of the boys! It was amazing. Vienna was rainy and cold but great! We did a tour of the Hapsburg's Palace. We weren't allowed to take photos inside the Palace, that's why there are only a couple. I snuck this one of her FABULOUS hair! it was down to her ankles! It took her hair dresser 4 hours everyday to do her hair!!! But it looked so cool in these twisty braids and she wore 22 diamond stars in fancy!
This is Jason at Franz Josef's grave and their dinner setting!...They were the rulers of the Austrian/ Hungarian Empire for a long time!!! Jason had just finished reading all about them so we went to see where it all went down! I am by no means a history buff, but I thoroughly enjoyed it! We ate great! and went to classical music concert at the Hapsburg Palace!!! Is was very cool!

Budapest is a lovely and fascinating city. ummmmm, die for!!! they are Hungarian fried bread with sour cream and cheese!!!It is like a snapshot into the communist world of the fifties in eastern Europe. The people are nice and everyone speaks English. what a plus! We visited both sides of the city, (didi you know it is actually two cities...Buda and Pest and they are divided by the Danube River!) see this blog is not just for fancy fun, i teach you stuff too! Ha!

Here we are in our Halloween costumes! we had a good time!
Next time more Budapest!...