Friday, September 17, 2010

2 down...1 to go...

We arrived here in lovely Spain, two years ago, today.

Times flies when your alive...

We have had an amazing 2 years! We have seen the world! now as our last year is beginning, I am feeling sad to leave our home. Jason is talking to Detailers about where we are going to be headed next, getting our last trips in before it's too late, and thinking about all the good times.
I will miss this place. I will miss Europe.

Change is good, yes? I believe so. Another chance to turn it all around.


Sunday, September 12, 2010

what a summer!

School is back in session and we are starting to wind down for the fall. We all had an amazing tome on our adventures this summer! We spent a few weeks in the states, visiting family and friends. Traveled to exotic locals and made new friends!
It has been a wonderful season, but I am ready to fall into fall.

We are ordering costumes for Halloween and thinking about turkey for Thanksgiving. Wow, how time flies...The boys are excited about starting school and like their teachers! which is always a good thing. James is a fifth grader and Colby is in first and Jonah starts a pre-K program on Monday!

Hopefully, I will have more time to is full of surprises, so you never know.
Also, a HUGE congrats to my bestest besties in the whole wide world!!! Todd and Craig! their newest venture has just launched and it is amazing! here is a link and another !!!! YOU ARE MY FAVES! if you are in the Las Vegas area, totally CHECK THEM OUT!!!

hope you all had an amazing summer too!