Tuesday, July 20, 2010

happy happy

now and then.....
Today marks Colby's 6th year on earth! How time flies... It was just yesterday I was holding him in all his tiny glory, in my arms, or going to baby boot camp at Balboa Park. We had some great times when he was a wee thing. Now, he is big, he has lost 6 teeth, rides a bike/scooter, plays with legos, has tons of friends, swims like a super star, has sleepovers, he is kind and so funny and is starting first grade in less than a month. My goodness. He is a grown up boy, just starting to come into the world. As much as I miss that little baby, I love the boy he has become and can't wait to see where he goes next. Happy Birthday Sweet Bubbs

Sunday, July 18, 2010

the sweet summertime...

Yesterday we went to Sea World, per request from the minions! We had a great time! It was a little crowded, but nice. We didn't really see any sea life...We rode the rides and played at the 'Bay of Play'. There is a little water spray park inside and a HUGE jungle gym. They were perfectly happy there. After about an hour there, we went to see the 'Stingray's'. Grumps got the boys sardines to feed the 'rays and they loved it. one actually came out of the water to get it! That Grumps hand and half of Jonah's head. Little did we know that the 'rays mouth is not where you think it is...it's underneath them, like on their belly. Grumps was waving it on it's nose area and it wouldn't take it. The guy next to us told us it was underneath. Who knew?Then it was off to the 'sea stars'. fun fun! Colbs and Jo wanted to ride the 'Shipwreck Rapids' so Nana and Grumps waited in line while I took then to the tide pools. Then we finally go on the ride and got SOAKED!!!! Totally! I'm not joking! We even got Nana on the ride and she got soaked! Then it was lunch and off to 'Atlantis'!! it was awesome! Jonah was terrified the whole time, screaming and crying. then as we got off the ride he jumped out and said " That was FUN!" he is so funny! then Grumps said "let's do it again" and Jonah said "NO, it's too dangerous!" ha! That night he was pooped out! And this boy has lost 4 teeth in the last month!!! HE IS TOOTHLESS! I don't know how he eats! You know, he'll be 6 in 2 days!!!! HOLY MOLY! how time flies...

Sunday, July 11, 2010

summer abroad

Hey All, The boys and I are enjoying lovely sunny San Diego! life is good! Here are a few pics.
These two have become BFF's. There are still the beatings numerous times daily, but they are actually getting along. It's nice..Nana and Grumps on our Sunday walks in Coronado.A trip to San Diego would'nt be complete without a trip to the Dell Mar Fair!!! Lots of pool time! Jonah is turning into a FISH!!! He can swimm so good! He loves jumping off the diving board!!! He likes to play '3 billy goats gruff' when he jumps off the board. I have to hide under the board and pretend to be the mean old troll under the bridge. He is so funny!And a wonderful 4th! The kids participated in our friends annual 4th of July Neighborhood Parade! It was fun. Colby got to see his old friend Maddie! Then I went to Vegas! I got so see my mom and Todd!!! He just opened a studio and it is amazing!!! He did my hair!!! It looks so great!!! After I got home Colby had his first sleep over!!!!With his old friend Caiden!!! His dad and Jason used to have sleep overs when they were their age!!! full circle...how sweet!
Today we saw "Dispicable Me" and the boys loved it! We are going to try to go to LegoLand's new water park next week!! Should be fun!
more later,