Sunday, March 30, 2008

easy like sunday moooorrrnin....

just a normal sunday around here. we did'nt do much today because it was a little chilly and windy. we were going to go swimming but the weather was not great. We had our regular family dinner at the folks house. it was good. i'm glad the boys get to hang with thier grandparents so much! they are a big part of their lives. it's good for them. i grew up around my grandma and i think i turned out great!!! tee hee.

anyhow, i have exciting news!!! i am going to HONG KONG on wednesday!!! wow! how exciting! i will be there for 4 days with Jasy! i can't wait! i will miss the boys, but i need to get away AND it's my birthday on the 6th so i will be with my *lova* on that day! YEAH!! oh boy!

so here are the vids as promised.



DayDay said...

Hi there! I bet you are thrilled for Hong Kong! You will have a great time! I'm so excited for you!! Have a blast!

erika said...

cyd...hong kong! wow!

You will have to pick up some cute scrap goodies.

I am still feeling a bit ugh...but we should make plans for when you get back.

be safe, have fun.

inara said...

hong kong, how fun!!!!!!!!!!