Friday, April 11, 2008

100th post, birthdays and travel...oh my!

this is a long one....

WOW! is an understatement. i had the greatest time! first of all i got to spend some *quality lovie* time with Jason, which was so needed and absolutely wonderful! we toured sooo much i lost 4 lbs on my trip! ~nice. i was there for 4 days and we did not waste one second! we took 4 tours and they were quite extensive. everything you wanted to see. it was great! the first one was a seafood dinner cruise where we took a ferry {so cool}to a fishing village with a huge fresh fish market! cRaZy!the fish were just swimming in tanks right outside restaurants. then we had a traditional hong kong meal! then it was back to the temple street market. A famous open air market at night! the next day we went on a 14 hour tour that took us to 2 of the 200 islands off the south china sea and surrounding areas. We went to Shenzhin and Macau, which is the Las Vegas of Asia! Jay and i in a cool templethis is a pic of the pollution in the air over the harbor...ick. then a clearer one, of our was an amazing trip! while i was there i celebrated my 32nd birthday! happy birthday to me!

then i was home for two days then flew to Las Vegas for my BFF's 30th birthday!!! it was a CrAAAzY night! what happens in Vegas.....right! We had costumes, hair and makeup and photo shoots...awesome! before you judge the pics, i am waiting on the pics i took with his camera! he got a FANCY one that i played with...amazing. it was at a penthouse sweet at the Mandalay Bay Hotel that had the most incredible veiw of the entire strip! and the food was catered from here. my camera was out of commission, so these are the only ones i got before it died...more later. and, last but not least, the birthday card for Todd. i am pleased!



DayDay said...

Oh, I love love love it all! I've been checking your blog daily to see an update! Your trip looks AMAZING! I'm so happy you got to see Jason! Hong Kong looks awesome!

Happy Birthday!!!

Jason P said...

I love the new photos. Can't wait to see more Vegas stuff. Hong Kong was wonderful, and it was great to spend it with you.

RachelDenbow said...

I've totally been to the night market in HK and took my picture in front of those steps leading up to the face of that church and that cool statue in Macau!
Wow, it brought back memories!
Glad you had such a good trip.