Friday, March 21, 2008

better and worse

the boys are almost at 100%! me on the other hand, feel like sh*t! now i know how Jo felt. uuuuhhhhh, misery.
Last night we took the boys to the park for dinner and play time! the days are getting longer and the boys are not tired. so i have to wear them out somehow. the first video had Jo riding along, but i accidentally eraced it!!! bummer. i tried to reinact it but he was not having it. so here are James and Colby on the tire swing.
what cuties.

right now the boys are out in the back on the bouncey pool! it's quite warm today and they are on *spring break* tons of watery fun! Jo is napping. i should nap too. maybe i'll feel better.

here are the boys after bathtime. and James being a knuckle head!


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