Saturday, March 15, 2008

hail storm!!! what?

yes! we had a hail storm right here in River City! just kidding, here in sunny San Diego! it was crazy! i think i've only seen hail once, maybe twice before in my was cool! of course the boys had to go out and see it, first's kinda funny that it's cold enough for nature makes these *hard as rock* pieces of ice, but not cold enough for snow. i don't get it.

it was fun anyway.

Jo did'nt get outside, he was scared. but heres a cute pic of him...he is really getting big! today he said his first full sentence!!! "i want my book back, please" SERIOUSLY! he said it to Colby in the car. it was incredible. brought tears to my eyes...


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Jason P said...

How exciting! I'm sure the boys loved every second of it. I love it when it hails in San Diego. Jo Jo is getting so big, he's such a little man.