Monday, March 17, 2008

happy st patty's!!!

any day that people celebrate by wearing *GREEN* is OK by me! i loved seeing everyone wearing green today! it made me happy. here is my contribution! {notice the hair, Jason}

first we went to our LSS for some early Easter stuff. they had BUNNIES! WOW! the boys loved it. then we had the opening season of swim at the Y. let the fun begin! Colby has turned into quite a swimmer! {what a change from last summer, do you remember???} James is rockin" it with the big kids, too! Jo wanted nothing to do with it. as usual. then we went to the church for the Easter choir rehearsal...James is singing at the family service this Sunday. cute. he's the only boy... so while James was singing his heart out, i took the little ones to the park for some wearing out. the met friends and played hard. Jo was asleep before we left the church. awesome! so the night is at it's end, and tomorrow i will be slaving away in the kitchen making *rice crispie eggs* for Colby's easter party at school. aaah, theses are the days of my life.

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DayDay said...

You look gorgeous in GREEN! Glad the boys had fun playing with the bunnies and swimming!