Saturday, March 8, 2008

beach days

Hello! my mom is here for a weekend visit!!! YEAH! so far we've gone to Todai for yummy sushi and today we went to Coronado and walked on the Silver Strand Beach!! it was a beautiful So Cal day and remarkably warm down by the water! the water on the other hand, was freezing! But that did not stop good old Colby from jumping head first into the icy waves! Jonah had a blast running from the water and yelling at Colby in his own gibberish, to get out of the water!! it was cute....then it all took an abrupt turn for the worst when he was running from a wave and fell then the wave crashed over was over. pure bedlam. Then Colby fell in the dry sand and got sandy cheeks! He started crying because "it hurts when i walk" he said. so i had to schlep the two *yahoo brothers* back to the car whilst they were screaming bloody murder in both my ears! then to the ice cold showers for them, again screaming bloody murder. oh, the joys of beach days. but it was fun. James and my mom took a nice LONG walk on the beach. they had a great time and collected shells.

more later...



Jason P said...

Beautiful pictures. The picture with your mother is particularly nice, you could be a model! The boys look like they're having fun, too bad you didn't get the "sad" part. Big Jo is growing up so fast.

DayDay said...

Great pictures! It looks like you guys were having fun! I love the story about the icy water at the beach!

That's cool your mom is visiting! I hope you have a wonderful time!