Saturday, March 22, 2008

more fun

here is a recap of the day!
so we went to the church picnic. it was great! not to many kids so EVERYONE had fun! and was able to get eggs! When it was time to get the eggs Jo sat down in the middle of all the eggs and watched the others go for it. he just sat there, and looked at the eggs... Colby was a stud! he got alot of eggs and so did James! then it was off to the bubble table! where Colby, instead of using the wands, used his hands! i guess he figured he could do it better! Jo just watched. i think he was still a little sick.
James made bracelets and went in the bouncy and played with the play-doh. He was the oldest one there...poor monk. after the egg hunt Nana and Grandpa took Jo home for nappers, i stayed with the boys for more good times~ Colby did the bouncy and i got him to make a bracelet.then James WON the sack race! Christy took these nice pics of us!
after the picnic we went to Nana and Grumps for egg dying! Thanks Nana for boiling 2 dozen eggs!
after the egg dying, Grumps took James and Colby for a swim! Thanks Grumps for all you do for the Palmer Jr. family


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