Sunday, March 2, 2008

it's good to be ME! this week...

aaahhh, what a week this has been...First on Tuesday i got to have a bit of *retail therapy* with my mother in law!!! so great. we shopped and had lunch at Panera, mmmmm, good. Then i got some more *girly*time on Friday night with Christy and Jeanette at *yellowbird* for some *scrap therapy*. here a couple of my layouts {the fam one is not quite finished} and me with the girls, at 12:30 am. that's why we look so sleepy. wow, what a horrible pic... BUT, yesterday, was the *piece de resistance* with a FULL SPA DAY courtesy the Nimitz. I guess they do this every year for 30 *lucky* military moms who's husbands are deployed. how wonderful. they even provided chid care for all the kiddos! They had a blast too! bouncies and activities and a BBQ of hotdogs and hamburgers! awesome. So, wow i had a facial then a *mini make~up make over* i guess it looked ok, but i'm not used to all that make~up and blush, but it was F U N! then it was off to the mani/pedi station and paraffin treatment, then a light *spa* lunch then a fab 30 minute massage!!! although i left with a raging migraine, i had a wonderful time! i think it was from the massage. she really worked my neck, but ooohhh, it hurt so gooood. here is my make up artist from LA, she was sooo cool!
a little modeling the new look. what a dork! seriously.
the set up. yes, that's a chocolate fountain!!!

then at then at the end of the day they took a couple pics of the boys and i for a card. too cute! and so relaxing. i'm so greatful to all those ladies who volunteered their services yesterday, and to all our husbands, wives, sons, daughters and loved ones who are serving this country.

thank you.



Jason P said...

Who's the painted lady? Not the makeup scheme I'm used to..but interesting. I'm glad you had a good time at the spa, you deserve it. They can't do it like I do it though, i wouldn't have given you a migraine. Jo Squish looks so big in the family shot, he seems almost as big as bubba. James is still skinny old Jamser.

DayDay said...

That's awesome! You totally deserved that! You certainly don't need all of that make-up to look pretty, but I guess it was fun to play dress up.

The scrapbook pages look great! I'm glad you've had some "me" time. That's great!