Saturday, March 29, 2008

all is legoland

the boys are well and so am I. So yesterday we went to LEGOLAND!!! oh my, the boys were thrilled beyond belief! first off they saw STAR WARS! so excited! then we saw the LEGO family! Jo was a little weirded out. Then he saw LEGO TOOT TOOT!! that made him very happy! he did not want to leave! then we went to mmini LEGO VEGAS! totally cool!
then we went to LAND OF ADVENTURE were Nana {so awesome} stood over 2 hours in line for us to ride the Indiana Jones ride.....uuuummmm, totally lame and not worth it! Sorry Nana...but she did get on the ride!!! then we went to some other rides and had ice cream, played and it was generally a good time! we have to go back when it's not Spring Break! totally crowded!

i will upload a few vids from the day on another post, this is already too long!

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