Monday, March 10, 2008

lovely day

today i worked out in the AM then took the boys for hair cuts...only got pics of Colbs, because i had to hold Squish down, literally. but they came out cute. then some art! while Jo slept. Then we were on the playset for hours! IT WAS SO BEAUTIFUL TO DAY!!! i love it here. just look at this pic of the light through our back door...stunning! it was like 78 degrees we had all the doors open and a wonderful breeze was flowing....ahhhh, lovely. Around 5:00 Grumps came over and took the boys to the park for a picnic, while i went for a girls night out to *dream dinners* it was so cool! you go there and prepare all your meals for a month and freeze them, then take them out to cook. so easy and time saving! love it! most people save hundreds on grocery shopping ! i think we'll try it!

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