Sunday, July 29, 2007

summer time rolls...

Tomorrow marks the last 2 weeks of summer vacation and my boot camp. I am looking forward to getting off the *summer roller coaster*. What a whirl-wind 2 months it's been. We have been busy everyday with something or other. Looking forward to the slow pace of fall....and my lova to come home! just got word today thst he will be coming home a week earlier that last expected! yeah! i miss you, sug. <3 Next week the boys and I are doing Vacation Bible School at the SCUMC! I am volunteering as a leader. should be fun. Then Jamser starts theatre camp for 1 week then it's back to school! We have to go school shopping sometime next week, for both boys! here is are a few pics of the boys at the pool.Colby and Jonah found a ladybug pool and they had a great time harassing it! look at Squishiee's face in this pic! classic, like don't put that thing near me!
here is a pic of the big knuckle head! i really need to do a photo shoot of just James...he'd love that. and i need some nice new pics of him.

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DayDay said...

Enjoy your last few weeks of summer! The boys are adorable!

We received a sweet note from Jason about his care package. He's a great guy!

We love you all!