Sunday, July 22, 2007

Birthday Central

Well, our babies are now 1 year older! The party was a hit! we had about 50 people total(including adults). It was just wonderful! the kids had a blast and the parents got to relax and talk. *perfect* The day started with 2 soccer games then we got the cake, balloons, made the food and went to Playtown.
the boys
the cakes
i made Jonah his very own b-day cake but he did'nt even touch it...except to smear the *ah* off his name.
the funi asked Colby how old he was and he said "i'm FREE!" and here is how he showed me.
Here they are about to blow out their candles. as you can see, Jonah went right for the flame and burned his little finger...i think it scarred him for life because he would not even touch the cake. how sad. poor baby. Colby was thrilled! He did great!

Jonah finally did eat some cake....under the table, on the floor!!! I don't understand it! He would NOT touch the cake at the table, but on the floor, he was all over it! he's weird. So we put the cake on the floor. i felt bad. i felt like he was hiding. He did get scared when the kids sang *happy birthday* , but all kids do the first time. i think it was just a traumatic day. He was fine once we got home.

we did all the presents at home. Gosh, i asked people not to bring presents. Did anyone listen??? NO! we have sooo many new toys! golly! look at this!
the aftermath...

Ater that we had dinner. Came home had showers and went to bed! wow! what a day! Here is Colbs in his new *spidey* pj's. soo cute! he even posed, with no promting! how funny!

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