Wednesday, August 1, 2007's August!

Lately Jonah really*loves* to be outside! As soon as the door opens he is off to crawl in the grass or play in the pool or swing! but his favorite palce is under the play structure...he likes it there the best. it's really cute to watch him play. he's so content under there.

He is really getting cute. He's so blonde and has thinned out a bit. I really think he will be walking very soon. He pulls up on everything and cruises! it's so cool to watch. He talks alot too. real words! like *uh-oh* and *eee-oooo* for peek*a*boo. also, baby and ball. and of course * ma-ma* and *da-da*.I actually got him to say Colby! just once, but it was so clear. CRAZY! He laughs alot, but the people who make him laugh the most are James and Colby. that is the greatest sound in the world...
as for James and Colby's *fave* summer hot spot. It's the Santee Pool. We are seriously there EVERYDAY! no joke. for at least 2-4 hours! but the boys love it!

look at Jamser go! and that foot belongs to Colby! believe it or not! they are turning into fishes!

look at Squish! he loves the water!

i can sorta relax... almost. just getting through these last *dog days of summer* and the last months of deployment...soon we'll all be a family again. we miss you daddy.


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DayDay said...

You are such a good mom and the boys are so cute and growing up quick. I hope Jason gets home soon. Keep us updated through the blog. Our little one should be here in a few weeks. Talk later. Take care