Friday, July 6, 2007

soccer star!

Colby's first soccer practice was a hoot! all the kids lined up and kicked the ball...thats it. I don't think they will be ready for the game on Saturday....The coach did'nt even show them how to play. oh well, Colby looked like a *champ* next to theses kids...they could'nt kick and run at the same time. i guess it will come with practice. their colors are blue and yellow. I came up with the name *the bolts* because we're Charger colors! everyone liked it so now we are *THE BOLTS* Colby is really loving it! As soon as we got his uniform he wanted to put it on! so cute.
can't wait for the game! James game is at 10:00 and Colby's is at 9:00 i'm glad i'll get to see both of their games. Grumps is doing James team and I'm in charge of Colby's. this should be interesting!

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