Friday, July 27, 2007

Happy birthday, baby 3...

look who's one!!! he made it! it's been quite a year for Jonah! aaawwweee, he' was so little. Now look at him in his 35 pound glory! I'm amazed he survives Colby's wrath.but we made it! for better or worse. He's so funny. We had a little family cake for Big Squish tonight after dinner. Again he would not touch it. I've never met a 1 year old afraid of cake! especially my one year old! I had to smoosh his hand in it and only then did he finally eat some. silly.his brothers did'nt hesitate to dive into the cake!i had to take about 30 pics before i got him to smile! he is so serious! earlier in the day we went to see *The Simpsons Movie* real funny! i enjoyed it. Jamser LOVED it! Colby's fave part is when Bart rides his scooter through town *nakey boy*. that's all we heard about all day! the boys were good! they are so much better at the movies now! it's almost pleasant! :) not much else to report...have soccer in the morn and probably swim after that! oh, the summer days....loves

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