Thursday, July 5, 2007

independence day

we started off our day with a *bang* at 6:28am. kids. So after my coffee we loaded up the car for a fun filled 4th! I made my famous *Chinese Chicken Salad* which Jason affectionately refers to as the *smelly salad* i like it and it's a hit at EVERY party! I also brought the *now* famous *bouncy pool* ! this thing has definitely paid for itself in FUN! I should start charging people for it's use! I've taken it to 3 party's so far and each time it rocks! Our first stop on the *party train* was Christy and Brentt's house! (love them) Where the kids decorated their bikes and scooters in the best 4th swag and proceeded to parade down the block to the park! the neighbors were lined up in their driveways cheering on the parade! too cute!

then we paraded back and had bouncy pool fun and BBQ! We were there until 5:00pm! WOW! this is Leah. James and Leah like each other very much...they snuck off to have a private picnic in the sweet...we managed one nap yesterday, around naps for the other 2, but they were good! I could'nt believe they were still standing! They played hard.

then it was off to Matt's house! for a little pool, BBQ action! the boys were so good and played in the pool with the dogs!

the boys were palying catch with Cooper! that dog was crazy in the water! she loved the boys playing with her!

Jo-Squish got *love* from everyone! He was in *Squishy Heaven* ! Matt's sister Alisha and her husband Brian moved back home from Vegas! yeah! glad to have them home. it was a good time. We missed you Jas. then we went to watch the *fireworks* with Grumps and Nana. Everytime we would see a red one Colby would say "that's a Spiderman one" or if it was green or purple he would say "thats a Green Gobblin one" we did'nt get home until 10:00pm!!!! Before the fireworks were over Colby said to me "Mom, I think I'm ready to go to sleeply time"....what a long but great day! Happy 4th!

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