Wednesday, July 25, 2007

mud brothers...

so, as we were watering the plants tonight, Colby and Jonah decided to dig in the mud!!! It was like *Lord of the Flies* Colby was smearing mud on himself like war paint and he even smeared some on Jonah. Then proceeded to pour handfuls of dirt in ihs hair....oh my the tub was disgusting. But they had a good time. and thats all that matters.look at those *baby blues*
A hummingbird came to visit.
just some sweet kisses to pass on to Daddy you will be thrilled to know that I organized my *scrap* space!!! looks nice, huh? someone is dying to see *the simpsons movie*!maybe this weekend....Went to the Santee YMCA today(everyday)! Our friends came to play! sharing grapes...adorablewe had fun! Colby sure can swim now~ he's underwater and holding his breathe and doing strokes!!! weeks ago i didn't think he would ever get in the water he goes down the slide and wow! swimmin lessons are paying off and he's having a wonderful summer! AND!!!! we have had NO poo-poo accidents! He's telling me now!!! YEAH for Colby! this is from class this morning. what a different kid!

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DayDay said...

These are great mud pictures! Cydney, you continue to impress me with your patience!

Great job Colby on being quite a swimmer!