Monday, July 2, 2007

breaking in the backyard!

well this weeked we finally got a chance to play on our backyard! WOO HOO! the boys were so excited to finally be able to run throught he grass! so we set up the bouncy pool and the baby pool. so fun! One of te neighbor boys came over to join the fun!that was Saturday. Sunday we went to church and then to the pool with some friends, Kim, Greg, and Mathew. The boys had fun!!
Swimming classes for the two little ones started today! that was an experience! Jonah was the youngest in the class and couldn't do the commands that the teacher asked so we just did our own thing...Then it was Colby's turn...dum,dum duuum....the dreaded poop in the pool, yes, my child is *that* child. they had to evacuate the pool and we had to move to another pool to continue class, and he was terrified! Would'nt let me do any of the moves with him, he just screamed! Grumps got it on tape for your viewing pleasure. All was good after we got out! Colby saw Caiden at the pool and they got to play for about a half an hour, so all well that ends well! Tomorrow we do it all over again...

off to the grocery store.


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