Thursday, July 12, 2007

where have i been....

wow! it feels like i have'nt posted a real entry in a while. we've been busy...Today was our last swim class for the boys. you can see Jo-Squish rose for the occasion! I tried everything short of tossing him in the water to wake him but he was not waking up. However, as soon as the class ended he was bight eyed! of course. Colby is getting better. The first week I was in the water with him, the second week he was alone with the instructor...well, lets just say that by the last class he was'nt a screaming mi mi!!! thats a plus...right? in this bottom pic you can see the shear terror in his face...Jamser gets to move up to the next level in his swim class! he's doing great!

in other news...we have had a visitor...eewww lets just call him *Ratatoullie* OMG!!! he was huge!~how scary! I woke up to find him....i was so retarded! I threw a box over it until Gramps could come and save the day!

Look at all his 11 month old glory! he's going to be *one*! i can't believe it. he was just a little (well not little) baby....they grow so fast.

here is a page for my design team at my little scrapbook store. I am teaching classes now and you be pleased to know that i am making alittle money doing it! it's about time i started supporting my habit....i really do'nt like this pic of me but it was taken for the design team. That was my challenge for this month. work magic on this pic. I am quite happy with the outcome.

you will never guess what I was doing at 5:30am on Wednesday morning...I hiked up Cowles mountian!!!!! and made it to the TOP! i felt GREAT! what an accomplishment for me, since i am not that out-doorsy...hee hee. Janette took these of me when i reached the top!

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erika said...

wow cyd!!!

I am SOOO impressed with that hike!

I had to get a login to post but I figured I should just do it!

Love your blog, but you know that already.

Lets plan for the first weekend in August...or can you do it during the week? :)

Have a great weekend!