Monday, July 9, 2007

*bumble bee soccer*

so we had our first games on Saturday! how funny and cute! I have to say...Colby is a *superstar*!!! His game was first at 9:00am

he can bend it like Beckham.
even Jo-squish enjoyed the game!then it was James turn! he is a he** of a goalie!

this was right after he stopped a GOAL!!! his *safety dance* he's so funny! with all the theatrics! i can't imagine where he gets it!
he's really good too! I am officially a *soccer mom*
Later that day we went to a party for Liam, who lives down the street! It seems we are very popular this summer. 2-3 parties every weekend! keeps us busy!

here is Colby channeling his inner Jack Johnson.... and Jo-Squish singing alongthen there was cake and it was blue...two of Colby's favorite things.....he was in *hog heaven*Later that night, there was a dance contest! James was cutting it up!!! He actually won! his prize....$5.00 he was extatic!we finally got home close to 10:00pm and the kids hit the deck in seconds! what a crazy day

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