Saturday, September 1, 2007

lazy day, perhaps????

Saturday...and nothing to do? no soccer, no birthday parties, no swimming. i don't know what to do with my self. i'm sure we will find something to do. Jonah is really into fishies, so maybe we'll go here. i don't think Jonah has been there since the *slug* days. so he will definitely enjoy it!

James tried out for the *swim team* and MADE IT! he did great! i think swimming will be great for him. he seems to really enjoy it. The coach said he did awesome! they will have meets once or twice a month during the fall/winter season, then once a week during the summer. they practice every Tuesday and Friday. I'm excited! so is James.

it has been so painfully hot and humid here this week. ugh. the tiny air conditioner we have is not cutting it. it's miserable. even at night when it's supposed to be cool, this house turns into a *hotbox*. the only room that stays cool is the nursery. lucky Squish! Maybe we'll take the boys swimming . it's gonna be another scorcher.


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