Monday, September 3, 2007

labor day....of HOTNESS!!

today was the *hottest* day in history! just look at my car thermometer...that is the *outside* temp! SHUT THE FRONT DOOR!!!! it is painful.

that was at 11:59am. crRaZY! they said on the news to go to *cool zones* so i took the kids to the mall. seemed like everyone else had the same idea. it was so packed in the mall that the air con. did'nt work and it was, not only hot, but stinky and moist from all the bodies. misery... we went to see *UNDERDOG*. it was ok. should of rented it but it got us out of the house and in a *cool zone* yeah right!

Yesterday we went to Lil' Jonah's birthday party! he turned one! so cute! It was nice to spend some time with the Zinns and Arens. they are the nicest bunch! We got the Jo's together and got to meet Mal's new baby, Logan. so cute! and tiny.

Jo and Jo having a drink and chillin by the keg!

Jonah and Colby having a cake fight! so cute!

James and Kyle having some pool action! Kyle is HUGE!!! he's only 5 and as big as!

OH, almost forgot about Jo's *keg~stand*
he was all over the keg for most of the party! like father, like son!

only 20 days...!!!!! oh my gosh! i can;t wait!!! Jasy, COME HOME!


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