Saturday, September 15, 2007

What a day!


i had the best day ever! I spent the morning with the boys, then went to LA to see Erika. We went to dinner here. the food was phenomenal. We got to talk and reminise about old times and catch up~without kiddos running around! so nice. then went to Scrapbook Oasis to scrap it up with none other than the FAB~tastic Jamie Waters! we had front row seats!!! hee hee. what a cutie~ sweet and cool! i really enjoyed meeting her! she brought her oldest daughter, Kira and she helped do prizes. and took this pic of us! it was great! would love to do that again! I'm going to try to get her to come to my LSS in San Diego!!! that would rawk!

now i am home. back to the boys! we are having a good morning so far...the usual mayhem. later on today we are going to a *kid concert* at the chuch! It's FREE and the kids will have a great time! no brainer! will post pics of the boys rockin' out!
so i will leave you with this...



erika said...

Ok I love you too.

I had SUCH a blast but my stomach was aching!!!! :)

I need to see you soon...and all the best with Jason coming home.

Mika said...

Looks like a perfect day. Mika (